Spring Fairy – Try to avoid obstacles

[Game] Spring Fairy

Spring FairySpring Fairy : It is a simple game to spend your time catching up!

Try to avoid obstacles and get a high score!

Meet the various fairies!

Let’s hit the road!

You can pick out a new fairy every time you collect 200 eggs!(Free!)

Warning) If you delete this game. you lost save data. We don’t restoration save data.. Sorry.

Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Girl, Fairy, Running, Jump, Obstacle, Running, Forest, Challenge, Tap, Record, Shooting, Killing Time

Spring Fairy user reviews :

Pretty fun. The art style and character designs are beautiful. Not sure if I’m supposed to be getting so many reapeats tho. I keep getting the bee character and I’m starting to get a bit frustrated since 200 bubbles is a lot for getting the same thing 5 times

the game is beautiful but the game itself is quite boring there’s no story there’s no tutorial it’s almost like an adorable version of flappy bird with a few extra things in it.

very fun I love this game, the art is very cute, and it’s easy to play. A good time passer, thanks.

it’s fun, but please please please change the thing where you can get two of the same characters.

I love the artwork and sound track, Prisma thunder makes such charming games imo. This one’s pretty straightforward

still trying to know this

The gameplay remind me of flappy bird a bit. But this game is harder with all limitations and all. The graphic is really cute. But I hope we have setting option to turn off music since it often overlap & make my music player go nuts (υ◔ㅅ◔) Overall it’s good game

Not a bad free game, but not a very interesting one either. It’s visually spectacular, whoever did the art should be proud of themselves. But it doesn’t have much verity: you jump and advoid two things, it gets repetitive. Plus it’s all static images, in pictures it’s nice but games should be a little more animated. The hit boxes are a little weird too, but that is mostly just a nitpick.
  • PrismaThunder
  • 감사합니다! 주신 의견 잘 생각해보겠습니다.

It’s a very beautiful game. But there is no turtial on how to play. You have to figure out that you need to jump on the peddles before you can’t jump anymore. Also the game likes to constantly crush. Graphics are again AMAZING..The rest of the game.. not so much

A wonderfully created masterpiece in the visual category, and lulling music is definitely cooperating with such aesthetics, along with all the beautiful costumes for your fairy (funny ones, too)! Only slight problem with it is its gameplay. It can mostly keep someone entertained who’s into time wasting games or relaxation, so it’s not going to be EVERYONE’S cup of tea (in fact, I don’t even like tea). Also, fair warning; sometimes when you jump too high to fall but not too high to land directly ONTO a flower, but instead hang to the side, it propells you WAYYY too high most of the time. It can also fling you to an obstacle and insta-kill you. Other than that, magnificent!
  • PrismaThunder
  • 감사합니다! 주신 의견 잘 생각해보겠습니다.

It’s a decent game with beautiful graphic. But, why the hell you let us collect something that looks like a sort of currency but not let us use it? All the characters in the shop have to be bought with real currency.

I really love this kind of game, but this game should have tutorial for the players and the tricks for the better controls. I found on my own that long press on the screen while on the flower can lower jump! Then you can aviod that poison ballls.
  • PrismaThunder
  • 감사합니다! 의견반영해서 업데이트 할수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.
It is a very beautiful game. The only thing is it keeps giving me fairys i already have, so it’s difficult to get new ones.
  • PrismaThunder
  • 감사합니다!
Lovely Graphics but we dont c why they collect the rainbow tears or is it eggs? Also i got the 2nd fairy which was the apple one, but idk how. i wish u can buy fairies w/ certain amount of coins u can realistically get w/ practice instead of just real money. very prtty artwork 5/5 but everything else was ok for an easy time killer
  • PrismaThunder
  • 다운 받아주셔서 감사합니다. 반면 제대로 만족을 드리지 못해 죄송하구요. 더욱더 노력하겠습니다.

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