Star Equestrian – Begin your adventure in the small town of Heartside

[Game] Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch

Star EquestrianSnowdrop. A majestic rescue horse. Together, the two of you had the potential to be a perfect duo, real contenders for the much coveted Evervale Championship title, but life had other plans.

One accident was all it took. Falling from Snowdrop, you were left injured. Snowdrop, in the panic, darted away and never returned to your family ranch. Years passed, but memories of Snowdrop still remained, and you’re still as determined as ever to find him.

Return to your family ranch and begin your adventure in the small town of Heartside.


The enchanting world of Evervale is filled with wild and untamed forests, bustling towns full of people, and Western outposts, all just a trail-ride away and waiting to be explored. A world teeming with mystery and equestrian culture and beautiful horses. A world waiting to be explored by you and your friends. Discover various obstacles and side quests scattered across the forest which you can interact with.


Race against the clock in show jumping and cross country competitions. Train your horse to improve stats such as speed, sprint energy, and acceleration as you earn your place among the top riders of Evervale.


Complete the story quests to uncover clues behind Snowdrop’s disappearance. The immersive story spans hundreds of quests and three living, breathing towns surrounded by mysterious forests and open plains. Solve the quests while you experience the massive open world adventure with your friends.


Create the ultimate haven for your horses with our immersive ranch-building feature. From the perfect stable to a cozy pasture, you have the power to build and customize every inch of your dream ranch. Add beautiful and earnable items to give your ranch a unique touch, and make your avatar and horse feel right at home. Get creative and build the greatest ranch, then show it off to your friends!


What better way to celebrate your stunning horse ranch than with a party? Invite your friends over and have the ultimate ranch party. These parties are fantastic for role play adventures!


Unleash your creativity and customize your horse’s mane and tail to create thousands of unique combinations. Outfit your horse with stylish English and Western saddles and accessories, and use stylish bridles and blankets to complete your horses’s look. Choose between a male or female rider and ride in style. Accessorize and decorate your avatar like a true horse racing champion with cowgirl boots and more!


Saddle up with your friends and embark on an exciting journey through a massive open world! Whether it’s picking berries or helping a friend, there’s always something new to discover together!

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Star Equestrian user reviews :

so far so good. Edit 1: I think that the chances for pulling epic/legendary horses and equipment are a bit too low. I have pulled 30 times and so far I didn’t get any 4 star items apart from guaranteed moments. Edit 2: Bugs, bugs, bugs. One update later and 10 new bugs appeared, sort it out.

The game is good, but there are still a lot of bugs. The lag spikes, and I can’t get any of the awards from the quests I finish. Please fix it and give compensation for the people who experienced the quest bug still that we can’t get any of the said awards from the quest when it’s finished.

i’m loving this game so far! unique theme for mmorpg. in fact i didn’t know it’s an mmo until i saw other players with me after the tutorial. the controls is commendable. i don’t know yet about game currencies and if they are generous with it but we’ll see! EDITED: yeah nevermind. i noticed there weren’t any rewards for pre-registration too. i got stuck at some point and there’s no passing it unless i spend i guess.

Awesome game so far, but I wish it wasnt so laggy and there be an option to just stay in a private server with just myself for some reason whenever I make a new server after a faw minutes I get moved into the a new one thus lagging my game out then it just crashing.

Game is great so far, but I wish it was translated to portuguese, my little sister wants to play and can’t understand. I would be willing to help out with translation, but I couldn’t find any discord server or where to get in touch.

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