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Starborne FrontiersOn the edge of colonized space, far from the familiar worlds of Earth and Mars, something has gone horribly right.

A black void of twisted space known as the Abyss has opened without warning. It’s unlike anything the galaxy has ever seen, and everyone wants a piece. Step into the Commander’s chair to take your shot at the prize, in a sci-fi gacha RPG that will pit your tactical skills against the galaxy’s best…and its worst.

Set 400 years in the future, Starborne: Frontiers is a multiplatform RPG that combines the best aspects of auto battlers with squad-based tactics. From the ever-growing Atlas Corporation, to the Zealot Pirates of XAOC, to the Immortal “Children” of Everliving, everyone on the Frontier has their own story. To prove yourself you’ll have to uncover their plots and establish your dominance by defeating the best they have to throw at you.

Build and command a fleet of spaceships up to the task. Customize their equipment and learn to use their unique abilities to truly make them a force to be reckoned with.

Face unique challenges that will require you to use all your knowledge and experience to defeat your enemies. Discover the mysterious Anomalies, and take on Bounties to test your mettle against unique boss encounters.


Complete your fleet with over 90 unique recruitable spaceships, each with their own combat abilities.
Master creating tactical formations with an engaging auto battler system where placement is everything.
Experiment with thousands of possible equipment loadouts for your ships to create your ideal battle squadron.
Battle through a challenging 10 chapter campaign, filled with twists and unique enemies.
Challenge other players and prove your dominance in the PvP arena.
Explore the mysterious Abyss, learning its secrets and fighting for valuable loot.
Form alliances with other players to take on larger and more valuable targets, then reap the rewards.

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Starborne Frontiers user reviews :

Loving this game so far. The artwork is amazing, loved reading about the different factions. Sometimes placing a ship in pre-battle will bug and leave a ghost copy of that ship, even after you take it away. I’d also like it if the numerical statistics of the ships were displayed in the pre-battle. The game was very easy to learn and understand. This game has a ton of potential. Top quality game!

  • Thank you so much for the positive review Joey. We appreciate your feedback, and it will be passed along the development team.

What little of the game I could play, I did enjoy. Unfortunately, the game hangs constantly and needs to be restarted. Specifically, the game becomes unresponsive at the beginning and end of combat. Graphics are very good, and the initial gameplay loop seems fine. It’s just a shame that such a cool game is bogged down by these technical issues.

  • Hello! We are sorry to hear about the problems you experience. We are working on fixing bugs in regular updates. But as for now you can try for now is to disable anti-aliasing in the graphics settings. If that doesn’t work, lower the graphics setting to medium or low. We hope it helps and that you can continue playing and enjoying the game!

Hello, there are some bugs (can’t get event final reward, pilot placement in pre-battle setting sometimes buggy) , but this game has a lot of potential, good graphics & artwork, good sound, but still need more content. Hopefully we can see more in the future

  • Hi Abel, thank you so much for your feedback, it really helps us to improve the game. Sorry to see you are experiencing some issues. Please could you send a report to so we can look into it further?

Starborne: Frontiers is a better game after the most recent large update. The game has more playability, better and more detailed story and lots of the old bugs have been fixed, yet one new large one has appeared. Whenever you are in a battle, the as I’m guessing “battle update” down the bottom of the screen is just huge pink squares, and cover 1/3 of the screen. Again, I would rate 5 stars but this bug makes the game uncomfortable to look at.

  • Hi Destin, Thanks for the feedback. Small update – pink squares are fixed ;) We hope you enjoy the game even more now!

It’s quite fun, I’m new to this genre but I’m really enjoying it and this game does it very well, there’s no ads at all, and you can’t buy ships with money (which I love) and the combat feels fluid but can at few points be a little janky. There’s a load of challenges to complete with generous rewards. Totally love it and I’m hooked

  • Your positive feedback is greatly appreciated and will be shared with the team. We are committed to providing a fun and engaging experience for all of our players.

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