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[Game] Storm of Wars – Sacred Homeland

Storm of WarsStorm of Wars – Sacred Homeland brings real-time strategy combats to a kingdom building war game.

It features fast-paced combat in cities and epic real-time wars on the world map that impact gameplay and strategy in fun, unexpected ways!

Attention, warlords! Do you have what it takes to compete in the most epic MMORTS experience ever devised? Build an empire in a world of magic and conquest, develop your city into an invincible stronghold, summon legendary heroes to battle your enemies, wage war across a sprawling map, and test your mettle against millions of players worldwide! Choose your faction, dominate your rivals, and become the mightiest ruler the world has ever seen!


Fight real-time strategy combats both in the cities and on the stunning world map!
Choose from one of the four ancient factions, conquer the rivals in the vast world map to lead your faction to the ultimate victory!
Battle for control of the War Zone and precious resource lands to strengthen your empire and weaken the enemies!
Join other players to form a global guild, conquer and dominate rivals to become the most powerful ruler of the world!
Play, chat and socialize with players from around the world in a world of magic, mystery and adventure!
Compete in the leaderboard for power, honor, wealth and glory!

NOTE! A network connection and Android v4.4 or above are required to play. The game is free to download and play, however, some items can be purchased for real money. If you do not want to make in-app purchase, please disable this feature in your device settings. Also you must be at least 13 years of age to download or play Storm of Wars: Sacred Homeland.

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Nice concept & well executed. In a nutshell, there are 4 lands named after the elements -Water, Earth, Air & Fire. You have to defend your land or take over others. There are homelands, warzones, forts, mines, guilds to join & plan with other players, medieval style music, etc. But of course like most mobile games it will take days or months to get anywhere unless you are willing to spend. Even if you don’t want to spend money and just want to kill time, you can do that too & chill in this game.

If you’re a beginner, you would have no clue how to play this game. You definitely need someone that has played before to guide you. Game was fun at first, but if you don’t spend money, it just gets boring. A spender has a lot more advantages than a nonspender. Some people take the game way too seriously, and it just sucks the fun right out of it. There’s also way too much drama in some guilds. Lastly, this game can be time consuming. You have to get on every day to build and help your guild.

i gave it a 3 star rating because those in power only care about the money they recieve from the in game purchases, They care nothing for the actual person who is giving them that money, i personally have bought /spent over 3k american dollars over the years buying gem packs to further my progress in the game, of course there are many others from around the world that have spent alot more than me, we ask for certain things in the game but nothing ever changes, many have left because of this.

This game is amazing!!! I have been playing it for more then a year and I can tell you that is was an awesome year. I suggest you immediately download the game so you can have a 10 times better life. If you ever get board with waiting for constructions to finish or units to finish training, the community is very great. I have spent hours chatting and having fun with my guild. Download now!!!

about this game all i want to say is fabulous. Nothong in this game seems to be bad for me. The division of factions make this more fun. Events make players to get gifts that will help player . The only problem that i am felting is i cannot read the news i can see only a black screen thats it. The great thing about this game is unlike other games we will have some thing to do all time when we are in the game.. Do not stop at the very starting you are going to miss a great experience. Grategame

okay well I’ve been clean Summer wars for quite a few years I’ve got probably 8 or 10 profiles in between different kingdoms and stuff and I don’t know I just one day out of the blue I just kind of gave up and things just got old you know I got tired of having to keep an eye on my profiles all the time because there was always somebody trying to attack me and steal my resources or heal my troops or something and I just got tired of it so one day I just quit playing.

It is a really fun game, my only problem with it is that some features are really expensive(gift pass). i really would like to send things to my guildmates, but am i really willing to spend 100$ on top of other gems….no, not really.

Overall a full game to play..I have been with this game from the beginning pretty much & I still enjoy it! Also worth mentioning that I am not a gamer and Sowerby is the only game I enjoy playing. ..Teamwork is crucial to succeed & there are plenty of wonderful players in the game.. overall a throughly enjoyable game . If you like to be challenged & kept interested in a game then this one’s for you

Playing from the inception of the game, in more than 7 Kingdoms over 5 years, yet the game is addicting. After age of soccery ( which is a wonderful game), I had low expectations from this game. But it has exceeded all expectations. Good job sow team. BTW, my news. Section in my kingdom 33 account isn’t working

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