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[Game] Sumi Sumi Party

Sumi Sumi PartyA new puzzle game in which you tap the SUMI SUMI rolling around

Sumikko Gurashi, Rilakkuma, Tarepanda and other San-X characters from the past are now available as adorably transformed Sumisumi!
In this simple game, you tap two or more identical SUMI SUMI to clear them out as they tumble around due to gravity, wind and water flow!
Challenge yourself with puzzles, making use of the various SUMI SUMI’s adorable tokens!

Complete the puzzles and clean up the messy Sumigami’s secret recipe!
Use the recipes you’ve cleaned up to prepare food for everyone, decorate the venue with all sorts of cute decorations, and hold your own special party with SUMI SUMI!

Game recommendations / suggestions:
It’s free to play!
Tap the rolling SUMI SUMI at the right moment!
Have fun with water, ice, wind and many other interesting tricks that appear in the puzzles!
Hold a party by perfecting the dishes you’ll serve!
Create lots of cute decorations to spruce up your party venue!
Featuring the most popular characters of all time!
Each character has its own cute ‘tokens’!
Collect and have fun with the SUMI SUMI!

Sumi Sumi Party user reviews :

Fun, casual game, but the events are far too labor intensive. For example, the cat day event requires completing 150 stages in a week (in addition to all the other tasks!) to get the final reward. I simply don’t have the time or desire to play that often. The events are my favorite part, I just wish I could finish one without having to devote my entire life to it.

Literally only got to play this game for a day and now everytime I try to go and play it the game doesn’t load and exits out of the home screen. It’s been like this since it came out. I uninstaled then reinstaled after it updated. Had to redo all my progress and now it’s doing the same thing as before. The refresh button doesn’t even fix the problem. I love this game even though I only got to play twice regardless but please fix this problem

This puzzle game is so cute, fun and addictive! I like that the games have limited time to complete instead of having limited # of moves. And I like that I can collect items to get decorations so there’s an incentive to play. I just wish there’s a little cooking game with the ingredients I unlocked, to change things up a bit so i don’t always have to play puzzle. *Edit: removed one star because there’s a glitch this morning making it less enjoyable. Hope they continue to improve it!

ive gone trough like the start of the game, but as soon as i had to download the data, it would stop at 49mb and i’ve tried to fix it a lot of times but it just wont work

The game is good and fun But after the update, the difficulty went through the roof It’s harder to pop the blue balloon because it deflates faster after the update They keep adding bs mechanic AND putting multiple ones in the same puzzle The freezing one is such bs The clacker either appear fast or slooooow The time limit is too fast as well It’s obvious that they want us to use power ups and gems, but damn this is insane

Its a Fun game to pickup and play every so often and progression feels fairly balanced (if not a little grindy but thats expected from this kind of game) , and i love the graphics. however there are a few bugs such as the game taking forever to load and than crashing after I complete a level, open the freinds list or even open the game itself that overall make it a less enjoyable experience. I hope they’re able to fix these bugs soon and I can’t wait to see what else they’ll add to the game.

Cute idea and generally fun to play. There are so many currencies and puzzle areas, it’s hard to keep track of everything. My major complaint is that the characters fall too slowly. Once pieces are removed, the pieces above take a long time to fall, so I waste a lot of the level time just waiting for pieces to fall into position. Also, random tapping seems to have a better result than strategic gameplay. It’s a cute game and I’d keep playing if I could turn off the timer.

So far the game itself is as puzzling as it is cute! I love the aesthetics, SFX, overall UI it has, and the gameplay itself is addicting. It’s not actively pushing for any subscription fees nor does it have any ads appearing constantly. It’s incredibly refreshing. Am looking forward to future updates on this! Particularly with the addition of Monokuro Boo.

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