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[Game] Suzerain

SuzerainAs President Rayne, lead the nation of Sordland in your first term of this text-based RPG.

Navigate a political drama driven by conversations with your cabinet members. With looming war, rooted corruption, economic crisis and reform needed, the choices fall on your shoulders.

The prologue and the first turn of the game are available for free, while the full game in-app purchase allows you to experience the entire story.

The game is only available in the English language.


Weighty, dramatic conversations: Navigate intricate conversations in this 400K-word branching political drama.
Every choice has consequences: Make difficult choices on security, economy, diplomacy and more.
Even outside the office, your values and beliefs will be challenged.
Make allies and enemies: Interact with a wide array of characters with different personalities and ideologies.
The oath of office versus family and values: See the real impact of the choices made in office on your family and close relationships.
Pay attention to current events: Follow the situation in Sordland through reports and news.
What will your legacy be?: You can take the country in many different directions, resulting in one of 9 different major endings.
Every decision you make is final: there is an autosave feature that does not allow loading earlier saves. Make choices carefully.

Critical Acclaim

“Through a combination of a choose-your-own-adventure-style visual novel and a Paradox-esque game, you have to pull the young republic out of a terrible recession while dealing with entrenched, corrupt political factions and a looming border conflict.” – PC Gamer

“The press will lie. Parliament will ask you to sign bills with misleading titles. The people will inspire a song called “My Electorate Are Stupid Pigs”. Your principles may be your strongest weapon or your downfall. This is politics. This is Suzerain.” – Rock Paper Shotgun

“The nuanced dilemmas it presents, set against a detailed and convincing backdrop of mid-20th century history in a fictional world, make it one of the most fascinating political strategy games of the past several years.” – VICE

Suzerain user reviews :

Very immersive and well thought out, but the fact that you can only make policy changes or talk to other political leaders/advisors when the game allows you to instead of doing it when you want via the codex feels limiting. The game gives you so many options of alliances and possible policy platforms but then doesn’t let you explore them, aside from giving you infrequent events where you can make choices. I definitely recommend it regardless, but it could be even better.

Nice game but just a tip, the way the “continue” button is setup hurts replayability. It stops people from blitzing through previously read dialogue for the fear of accidentaly clicking an option they do not want. Put the “continue” button away from the area where the choices appear. A bit lower, perhaps. OR BETTER YET, add a “skip already read dialogue” function like in visual novels. EDIT: I beg of you. If you intend to create more games like this, PLEASE create checkpoints in the story.

Immersive story-text game Really enjoyed this game. You can select your interactions and decisions which directly influence ongoing game-play. This requires strategic thinking, and certainly gets you thinking. It is text-based so lots of reading, but it’s descriptive nature really immerse you into the game. It would be great if the developers could expand the pack.

I have to say that Suzerain is one of the best political simulation games I’ve ever played. The storyline is so well-crafted and engaging that I found myself completely immersed in the world and its characters. The choices I made felt like they had real consequences on Sordland, which made each decision all the more impactful. The level of detail and complexity in the game’s mechanics is impressive, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys strategy games.

It’s a really good game, but unfortunately the potential of this game is really dragged down with it’s horrible ui design which really limit replayibility due because you’re not able to skip dialogue without risking accidently making choice. What worse there’s no checkpoint/savepoint which mean if you want to explore different choices you have to replay the entire game. Hopefully this issue will be address cause i really want to explore different choices

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