Syllablade – Become loot hunting heroes

[Game] Syllablade

SyllabladeSlay epic monsters with weapons, wands, and words!

Team up with your friends and become loot hunting heroes in Syllablade – the word battling RPG!

Big Words, Big Damage
Chain letters to deal crushing blows to your enemies.

Customize and Upgrade
Unlock powerful weapons, rare items, and unique skins.

Compete in Clan Wars
Form a clan and stockpile the bones of your enemies in prize-filled competitions.

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Syllablade user reviews :

I absolutely love this game. I have prestiged 5 times, and want to go all the way to 8 (the final prestige). My problem is that every time I play an ad to earn additional gold, the games freezes and I have to go out, force close, and restart it, losing the gold and having to replay the last turn of that round. The ads used to work just fine up until a few months ago- not sure what happened. Please fix!!! I still play daily but not being able to get my extra gold for the ads I choose to watch is annoying and frustrating.

It’s ok, but the dictionary is far too limited. People coming from apps that use the SOWPODS word list will find it pretty frustrating. It also chews through battery quickly. ___ Edit: less grindy than I thought, as you have to strategically use the letters on the bottom row. Edit2: The dictionary is really frustrating. Sometimes even very basic words are invalid.

This game is a fun spin off of those word connecting games, and it’s well made, and almost does not have any ads in it (accept for the coin chest mid battle but it isn’t too bad) and clans are really fun (I have my own its “cool club” join if u wanna) but, with that said the only bad thing is that it gets boring, after 2.5 hours I didn’t want to play, but the next day I played for a while. So do I recommend? YES. HIGHLY. It’s one of the most well made phone game I’ve played this week.

Great word strategy game with RPG elements, great customer support, teamwork elements, interesting achievements, and minimal ads. Definitely worth playing even if the community is small.

It used to be really wonderful but it erased all of my progress and doesn’t seem to even save new progress. Looks like it’s finally dead.

Love this game different from other word games. If like me, ur not a dictionary, least u can see what is a word and not. Great customer service when glitch happened and ads don’t overpower the game.

Needs an update for larger displays.. And the audio is terrible, may be related to me not seeing half the screen. Device: OnePlus 7 Pro. Is this app still being supported?

Solid game, great mechanics, a bit of an odd difficulty curve, but overall a solid game.

I like the game very much. I like the weapons, the clothes. And more. Please make more games like’s is awesome

My favorite word game!!! I love slaying the different creatures and earning gold for armor and weapons.

this is so addictive, I don’t know why but it’s such a unique app too, its so fun I play it like 24/7

finished the game uninstalled it then installed it once more its worth playing again!! excellent game wish to have part 2 of this

A word game that is an rpg, that is also fun!?! Incredible! I play it 13/7

Great game. Normally I don’t like word games, but trying to get the best score within your clan, and battling other clans adds a bit more excitement. I’m unable to walk away if I can move up in the standings.

I like the clan and war aspects of the game. Takes it to a level most word games don’t.

I haven’t tried video ads due to other reviews and I haven’t seen any problems. Fun game.

I downloaded this morning and thought it would be a fun game. I didn’t think I would spend the entire train ride, and lunch, and downtime at work playing it. Great game!

Simple, but fun enough if you like word games. It’s a good way to make the bus ride to work much less tedious.

I is a great simple game to waste time doing, keep up the good work.

The concept of this game is creative, and the game itself is very fun! My only issue with the game is it crashes frequently with video rewards. I will watch a video to earn rewards, and after the video the game crashes and i get no reward.

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