Tap Dragon – Challenge the Dark Lord

[Game] Tap Dragon – Little Knight Luna

Tap DragonAn enchanting clicker RPG with dreamy illustrations.

Luna, the little knight, opened her eyes in the Slime Forest upon hearing a mysterious voice.
After a moment of pain, she grabbed her sword and got up again..

She needs to save her friends captured by the Dark Lord As!

Anna, Romi, Enid, Lennon… Free all of your friends!
Strengthen your expedition and challenge the Dark Lord once again!

The Nightmare Castle, the Constellation Lake, the Bloodwind Canyon… will not be easy to defeat
but, every time you free one of your friends, it will get easier!

“Luna, the little knight, will not give in to the curse of the Dark Lord.”

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

Tap the monster and Luna will start to attack!
Save 30 scattered colleagues and form an expedition.
The stronger Luna gets, the better she will look.
Ask Amber to make a legendary skill.
If you meet a witch and ask for reincarnation, you will become stronger.
Challenge the Nightmare Castle, Constellation Lake, or Tower of Trials.
In the Bloodwind Canyon, compete against other players.

Luna is the only hope in the endarkened Stonia Continent,
Will you join her in her new adventures?

Tap Dragon user reviews :

Great aesthetic, I’m happy to have installed in day one. And the various game modes from launch are awesome. Also I noticed a bug. Upgrading Elena (same with Cindy) from lvl 0 under the adventure tab w/those stones from dungeons costs 100.1 billion. This is after I reset my account, once, and I was . . . actually able to upgrade her before, so it wasn’t that ridiculously high.

  • Hi, Knight Cam! Thank you so much for the 5-star review! We’re so glad to know that you like Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna just as much as we do! Regarding the bug you mentioned, please message our hotline team at cs@tapdragon.zendesk.com with a detailed explanation. Our team will immediately take care of it. Have a nice day!

UPDATED Review! (From 3 stars to 4) The developers responded and fixed what was obviously a bug with companions. The game is very charming and a fun little get away game to pick up and put down a you please. I can’t give 5 stars only because it’s so new and bugs are bound to happen as well as balancing. Overall I highly recommend downloading and having some fun with it!

  • Hello, Jason! The issue related to Companion enhancement has been fixed! Please check more information about the correction and our measures in the official community’s #notice. Please be assured that our team is trying our best to make the game more balanced and enjoyable for all the players!

Interesting game, has lot of potential, and a lot of improvements to be made if it wants to live for long, like it could tone down the mission/rewards pop-up every time you claim it, it gets really intrusive on the screen and slows down your frames, and it has an insurmountable amount of ads for meager rewards that even if they are for free, make me dislike how they’re locked behind a ad wall stamp, watching 10 ads per day every single day can get tiring very fast.

  • Hello, SunValkyrie! Thank you so much for your suggestions! Your opinion has been forwarded to the Dev team and they will consider improving the gaming experience so that all the players around the world could enjoy Tap Dragon: Little Knights Luna more!

has a nostalgic and cozy atmosphere, but the storyline is not particularly noteworthy. However, it features an intriguing player versus player mode. The game is ultimately a satisfying clicker game with uncomplicated gameplay mechanics that favors strategic thinking.

  • Hi, Alex! Thank you very much for your support!! We’ll keep working day and night to improve every aspect of the game, the story included, so we hope you’ll continue to support us!! Don’t forget to recommend Tap Dragon to all your friends!

it’s ok for an idle game, more focused on adventuring. there’s a bug with relics. if u watch the ad to reset the pick you will lose it AND the game treat it as collected so the increased cost remain. pls fix and recompensate pls.

  • Hi, J T! Thank you so much for your feedback. Regarding the relic bug, we will really appreciate it, if you could message our hotline team with your in-game details at cs[at]tapdragon.zendesk.com. They’ll take care of it immediately. We hope you’ll continue with your adventure with Luna. Have a nice day

The game is a fun tapping game, but the actual fun part of tapping is distracted by constantly tapping the rewards that pop up. Plus the game rewards you with thousands of gems in the first minutes of gameplay, kinda makes the “starter” experience lame. Fun game but bad pacing.

  • Hi, flixer3! Thank you so much for sharing your insight with us. Your insight helps us understand what users want and know the user’s point of view. We will forward your insight and opinion to the Dev team!

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