TauCeti Technology Benchmark – Throws your protagonist directly into the danger

[Game] TauCeti Technology Benchmark

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TauCeti Technology Benchmark  This is a technology benchmark containing only the beginning of the game that shows possibilities now available on mobile devices. The hi-end device with 3GB RAM and fast GPU is required.

If this game version does not run properly on your device, please download its cloned version – TauCeti Vulkan Technology Benchmark.

TauCeti Unknown Origin Technology benchmark is an action sci-fi FPS showcasing the high-quality visuals available to current hi-end mobile devices. It contains the beginning of the game and allows you to test and compare the performance of your mobile device.

TauCeti Unknown Origin throws your protagonist directly into the danger. Your space ship, famed ESS Meridian (known from Dead effect 2) has gone haywire and crashed. The escape pod saved your life and brought you safely to the surface of the planet Tau Ceti f, directly in the jungle full of unknown life forms, some of them possibly intelligent, and now littered with the debris from the crashed ship. Can you survive and uncover the secrets of the planet?

TauCeti Unknown Origin is a beautiful but dangerous place. From thick tropical rainforests to deep canyons and dangerous marshes, it’s full of dangerous fauna and traces of ancient civilizations. Mysterious crumbling temples can offer shelter and knowledge, but they’re often full of danger. Lifeforms on the planet are not friendly and they don’t take kindly to pieces of your broken ship and a handful of human survivors.


Exotic and unexplored world of the exoplanet TauCeti f
Unique organic AI archetypes with unpredictable behavior
Console quality graphics and realistic sound effects with stunning environments
Beginning of the game with a strong story, the spiritual sequel of our previous games
In-game cinematic intro taking you directly in the action
Character creation preview
2 playable story levels
Benchmark test for your smartphone (GPU and CPU)
Full controller support

Feel free to drop us a line at development@badflyinteractive.com, or catch up with our latest news on our official website or a social media channel of your choice:

Facebook: TauCeti
Twitter: @DeadEffectGame
YouTube: BadFly Interactive

TauCeti Technology Benchmark user reviews :

A solid start. Hardware controller support seems there, but there’s no support for Nvidia Shield TV. Also, please give us the option to remove auto-fire, when we use a hardware controller. I used a Galaxy Note 8 (on low graphics settings) with a Moga Pro Power Controller, which seemed to make the game playable. Graphics were a bit too dark, though, so I couldn’t really see anything.

Absofreakinlutely *GORGEOUS* Wanna slow down to explore all the *beautiful stuff* I’m running a Galaxy S20 + 5G with 8 Gigs RAM and 512 Gigs internal storage. No lag here at max settings! Your mileage may vary on other phones. Controls are perfect at default settings. Only thing I would add.. At least one companion that survived the crash. Other than that.. If you have a high end phone, preferably running 120Hz refresh.. You have *GOT* to try this!!!

The game was awsome .the graphics are out of the box the problem is its a high graphic game so it must need a heavy device to play this but so many pelople dont have high devices so they cant play it so my suggestion is that you must need to decrease the graphic so the size will also decrease .and i have a 4gb ram 128gb rom vivos1 phone and also its a new phone but at the lowest setting but it is very chopy/lag so i cant play the game smoothly and i was thinking that the game have more lvl but n

To everyone who’s complaining that it runs bad, this is a benchmark and it’s supposed to run at lower frames due to slow gpu’s in your phone, when newer gpu’s release in future it will run better. It also runs bad since it put under huge stress and while it’s under stress it generates more heat and therefore it’ll throttle. I’m pretty sure no gpu on phone currently can run this at 60fps on ultra (except if you look at the ground lol).

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