Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Embark on the Ride of Your Life

[Game] Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren LagannThe first Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann mobile game is here!

Produced by TRIGGER, this faithful adaptation will bring you back to the good old days of a drill’s romance. Join forces with Team Gurren for an epic journey. The sky is the limit!

Epic Reboot: Embark on the Ride of Your Life
This is the story of Simon, a young digger who lives underground. He comes across a shiny little drill and a face-shaped mecha on a journey that will pierce the very fate of the universe!

Fight or Flight: Enjoy a Variety of Gameplay Modes
Enjoy not only the faithful story adaptation, but also a vast array of gameplay modes. Carefully manage your village at Littana, embark on the thrilling Expedition Teppelin, team up with your friends to fight BOSS battles, or battle in a Sky Duel with other players.

Strategy Is Key: Keep Calm and Fight
You can’t just fight hard; you have to fight smart too! With the power of your mind, your team, and clever tactics, you can win the war at Teppelin! “Winning a fight takes guts and a cool head!” — Kamina.

Collect Gunmen: Build Your Own Team Gurren
You can now collect all original Gunmen! Obtain Gurren and Lagann to unleash the power of bro force and unleash their ultimate move. Recruit Enki and Lazengann to add powerful beastmen to your team. Create your own Team Gurren!

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann user reviews :

I was very excited about a Gurren Lagann game but ended up feeling disappointed. There was a big opportunity to make a bigger splash with the gamplay while right now, feels boring. I’m not interested in the gameplay at all, and the user interface feels like a knockoff experience using unlicensed content. I really want this game and the team building to succeed and be successful! I’m hoping for something a bit more refined in future updates.

I’m loving this game a lot. There are a few things here and there that feel really off to me. Like Gember/Guame . His voice lines are ripped straight from the anime, background music included. It’s a shame that he’s now one of my best units because now I have to mute the sfx audio because for some reason the combat dialogue is linked to sfx volume and not charachter volume. If we could have the option to just mute certain units, that would be great also.

Very poor translations and incomplete descriptions of in-game resources lead to confusion. The art is somehow lesser quality than the anime itself. Repetitive catch phrases screamed every few seconds. Every aspect of the game has a pay for more benefits section, even when you have seen it all, there is more somewhere.

Game is very fun and fairly easy to play. Glad Gurren Lagann got a game, but I wish it wasn’t chibi, it feels like every anime mobile game is chibi-fied. Also, I can’t make a legion because it keeps saying “Legion announcement contains illegal words”. Even if I leave it blank. The tutorial is way to long. I do like the game though, it just needs some improvements

Real early on, some issues are apparent. Glitchy sound, jarringly cut and unbalanced audio, and the clear difference between OST and generic butt rock. I still have hope, but this does seem a bit generic.

I may change this review once I’ve played this for a month or so, but overall, this game is fantastic. It is a little repetitive, but it makes up for that in charm! There are so many things to do, with different side stories and such. I have been waiting for this game to come out, and I have not been disappointed. One critique I have is that the opening level and tutorial is a bit long. Also, keep in mind your save file is specific to the server you play on!

pretty low effort. Past the title and loading screens, you will find generic music, pretty basic drawings and animations, and a feeling that this was put together in a sloppily manner.

Great game. I just keep getting failed log-in attempts when trying to link my account to another device using Facebook. It’s quite annoying

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