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[Game] Pepper – The Food Truck Hero

The Food Truck Hero  Pepper and her food truck have been summoned to another world where human, merfolk, beastfolk, and nymph live together.

In order to return to the real world, Pepper must meet an elf sorcerer who appears only once a year at the town’s cooking contest.

However, while taking the tests to participate in the competition, she gets caught up in a mysterious case involving the town…

Will Pepper be able to return home safely?

Come join her adventure!


Match 3 puzzle, find the hidden object, and adventure

Dive into the interesting story full of various characters and countless quests to complete

There are numerous interactive elements hidden around the map and locations that are revealed as the story progresses

Over 500 block puzzles with multiple obstacles and find-the-hidden-object games

Various types of mini-games such as speed eating contest, arm wrestling contest, etc.

Cute and adorable pixel graphics

Cook a variety of dishes using different recipes and ingredients

Cute costumes that can be acquired by playing the game

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The Food Truck Hero user reviews :

A couple of really annoying things make this game only a star game. First, the chat scrolls on its own. So if you play while doing something else, such as I do, you either have to scroll up some to pause it, or just let it go and scroll up when you’re able. That is very annoying either way, and the chat should only go when we click next. The second is that cooking costs coins, and the only way I’ve seen to make them is the quests and eating contest once a day. Yet, the very first quest that has you cook, they don’t even give you enough coins to cover it. The only way to progress in the game beyond that point is to BUY them with real money, or watch an ad. This is ridiculous in my opinion. If they fixed those two things this would be a lovely little game.
  • Thank you for your important information. We will check the contents you sent and make improvements. Chat scrolling can be turned on / off in the game options. thank you.
My favorite mobile game I’ve ever played. Great story, a little challenging at times. Only issue is ads must be watched (like 4 in a row) to get enough money for ingredients when a quest requires multiple dishes. Great sense of humor, and some fun references in here as well.
  • Thank you for sending us your rating of the game.
It’s an amazing game! It’s challenging but not too much. The art and style is absolutely adorable! I also like how the game mixes multiple types of games in one, it’s done really well! If you like story and lots of dialogue I’d recommend you this game!
  • Thank you for downloading our game. Have a nice day
This game is simply charming. The art is cute, the story so far is easy to understand, yet leaves you wanting to continue, and the characters are enjoyable! this is a lovely game and very underrated
  • Thank you for your important feedback on the game. We will try to improve with a better game by referring to your opinions. thank you.
it’s a good game! sweet with some challenge here and there, doesn’t force you to watch ads and if you mess up a level you don’t have to wait to try again!
  • Thank you for giving us a deep interest and opinion of the game. Based on the opinions of users, we are developing games. We will make more efforts for user comfort. Thank you very much.
Thank you so much! I feel very stupid, I just had to swipe to the side for the grocery person. Thanks for the quick response!
  • Here are some places to sell sweet pie ingredients: 1. Move to the stairs side that goes down to the 1st floor from the village that starts for the first time (please do not go down) 2. There are NPCs with apple icons floating around the stairs. 3. You can buy the material by pressing the icon.(The material shop can turn pages with slides.)

It’s a great game but world building wise the economy shouldn’t work

I love this game but I’m short on money’s from the game
  • Thank you for your feedback on the game. We will improve the gold rewards you can earn in the game.
I love it is so fun and interactive
  • Thank you for sending us the high ratings and reviews of the game.

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