Top Bike Racing and Moto Drag

[Game] Top Bike Racing and Moto Drag

Top Bike Racing and Moto Drag  Top Bike Racing and Moto Drag : 71+ heavily modded bikes to choose from

Tune and customize your bike any way you want
Enjoy an epic story of underground rivalry and gang battles
Prove yourself against the most brutal kings of the road
Express yourself through millions of motor customization options
Explore a huge city ruled by dangerous daredevils and hardcore criminals
Available in 17 language versions
Extremely smooth graphics on all devices

Break all the rules and experience mindblowing bike racing action set in a huge urban sprawl called The City. Separated into a set of districts, each with its own look and real feel. Prepare for heart-stopping and breathtaking thrills you have never seen in mobile games before.

Race on a huge selection of easily customizable motorcycles ranging from badass choppers to fast motocross bikes. All prepped up, loaded with nitro and ready to unleash their full fury on the asphalt below.
There’s also a treat for all of the dirt fanatics out there – you can drive real quads. Experience speed that cannot be stopped by anything less than a brick wall!

Feel the adrenaline overload as you start racing against the biker gangs that rule The City. They are the famous 1%, the outlaw bike racers who thrive on crime and their need for the rush of speed. They believe that all of the best things in the world are for free (when you take them forcibly) and that having fun in life is the only thing that matters. Except for power and money, of course.

Customize your bike with unique tuning – slap some decals and paint it with your favourite color. Go crazy with the combinations, it’s your ride – your rules. In illegal drag racing competitions being creative about your bike is the only way to become known and respected.

The City is split into districts, each run by a different bike gang. You’ll have to beat all of the renegade bikers if you hope to assume direct control over The City. Race in a deep selection of realistic game modes and challenges.

The great highway awaits for those brave enough to compete with the best racing competitors in the world of underground bike community. You have to be hardcore to keep up with the criminal kings of the road – but the prize for the best moto racer is really big. Do you think you can become the new bike gang leader of The City?

This bike racing game is optimized to work smooth on most devices. Additionally it was translated into 17 languages from all over the world. Nothing can stop you from owning the streets now!
See you on the road, player!

Top Bike Racing and Moto Drag user reviews :

I have the first release on my JP5-7 and rebooted the game 6 or 7 times after completing it just as many times. Every time I bought every single bike and compiled a book of the final cost of the bikes and rankings, but I never recorded the track times because not everyone has the same experience and reaction times. The graphics are great and the characters look like photographs, not cartoonish like TOP SPEED.

I’m on the last boss, and trying to race, I’ve keep getting kicked out of the game and it won’t let me race and takes my fuel each time, is this because I’m at the end, and haven’t had to spend money or WHT, pretty frustrating for sure.
  • T-Bull
  • Thanks for your feedback, Top Bike will continue to be improved to meet players’ demands!

Storyline is good. Graphics are good. Gameplay nice. Controls are easy , which makes this game overall an adventurous game to play with no variety , just repeated gameplay . But nice

Nice moto race game with splendid motorcycles and engaging story. Best of all: free game.

Great game graphics are really good thanks guys

Very nice Finally a game for motorbike fans

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Minor bug fix

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