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[Game] Truck Simulator Ultimate

Truck Simulator Ultimate  From the producers of Bus Simulator : Ultimate, played by more than 250+ million players, brand new game Truck Simulator : Ultimate.

Completely realistic missions and Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator experience are waiting for you.

New Jobs: Fashion Shopping Online, Gas and Fuel, Fusion, Fridge, Money, Food Delivery, Gem Stack, Office Supplies, Frozen Honey, Theme Park Materials, Cars and more fun Jobs.

Simulation and Tycoon combined in one game for the first time in the world.

Establish your company, hire employees, expand your fleet. Become the king of the roads as you travel the world from one end to the other.

Minimum system requirements

System requirements for Truck Simulator : Ultimate: Android 7.0 or higher and at least 2GB memory. Players using other devices can try playing the game at low settings.

Establish your company in the world’s leading countries such as the United States, China, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Azerbaijan and become the world’s largest logistics company.

Truck Simulator Game Features

Multiplayer season. You can either carry joint cargo or participate in races. A brand new multiplayer experience awaits you.
Transport a wide variety of cargo in over 100 cities
Participate in auctions on the freight stocks and earn higher profits
Manage your own business
Build your own truck fleet
Hire employees and manage your company for maximum profit
Design your offices the way you want
Find and Pay for Cheap Gas and Fuel (new features)
Update your trucks with lamps, Bumper, horn, cockpit lights and more modification options
32+ Amazing Trucks
Play with American Trucks and European Trucks
Used Trucks Market
Detailed Cockpits
Rest areas. You can now order food and beverages at the rest areas.
DLC mode system
More than 25 language support
More than 250 radio stations
Highway Toll roads
Realistic Weather
Village, City, Highway roads

More features will continue to be added!

You can contact us at for all your suggestions and complaints.

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Truck Simulator Ultimate user reviews :

The reason for the 2-star rating is that I played for one month and after I ended one trip in career, the game decided to give me -1 coins and -1 dollars, so every ride was lost. This is the most annoying thing that may happen: to lose everything after one month of work. Otherwise, the game it’s really nice with minor bugs. Of course after this happened, I uninstalled the game.

This game is great, the details are well observed but not perfect,it is better that in the sound settings, you can’t turn the volume up or down,In addition, it is better to be able to adjust the buttons on the screen ourselves, or the GPS to be separate from the controls so that we can put it wherever we want.Some objects in the game pass by when you collide with them, such as a light pole. Please add simulators radio and truckersFM radio. Thanks

Hello I just updated and the steering is still too sensitive, If you can return steering sensitivity back to the first version of the game or use the steering programming in the bus stimulator, that is very realistic, It is difficult to drive/steer when the truck is moving slow, it turns anyhow like a fast car not a truck. Please work on it ASAP. I can’t wait to keep playing. Thank you.

Seriously, it’s a good game. Good graphics, awesome radio. I reinstalled it a few days ago and there’s still the same critical issues. First, the AC barley cleans the screen, second, seriously? No option to change the steering? Also when you call road side assist it just puts you somewhere else sometimes. I likes how bus simulator was able to make you see both mirrors without moving them. Instead if you’re in traffic you’re pcs are gonna get damage because you have to look at the rearmirror!

Game is awesome but I have a couple of suggestions… 1st of all we should be able to drive the truck to a gas station or repair station without a trailer and we should be able to feel the km we drive a bit more … 2nd we need an air brake and a bit more realistic fuel consumption… 3rd we need to be able to move the controls like the steering wheel because I would like it a tiny bit to the left… Otherwise the game rocks… Definitely approved

Dear Developers, I Am kindly requesting you to add The steering sensitivity feature. The handling of the vehicles are bad. I can’t control the truck at high speeds and low speeds during a curve. Although the Graphics and details in the Game is outstanding. Keep up the good work. I hope You will consider my request.

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