Truckers of Europe 2 – Travel across many cities from Europe

[Game] Truckers of Europe 2

Truckers of Europe 2  Become a real trucker with Truckers of Europe 2!

Feel like driving real trucks with this truck simulator.

Travel across many cities from Europe, visit places like Berlin, Venice, Madrid, Milan,Prague and more!
Make money, purchase new trucks and trailers, Select your job and deliver your cargo in an open world!

Become the King of The Road!

Have a good drive!


Realistic truck physics
7 different trucks to drive
12 different trailers
Realistic engine sounds
Interiors for each truck
Improved AI traffic system
Drive across country roads and highways
Realistic weather conditions
Day & night cycle
Damage and fuel consume
Easy controls (tilt, buttons or touch steering wheel)
Achievements and Leaderboards
Excellent HD graphics and performance

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Truckers of Europe 2 user reviews :

Nice game, good graphics and I love it. My only problem is, 1. All the roads look the same and it makes the game so boring at a point. Including off-roads Will make it more fun. 2. The rains do not blur the windscreen enough, making the wipers useless since one can still see clearly. 3. Include pedestrians in the cities and restaurants. 4. Include manual gear transmission and not just buttons. But in all, it is a great game.

I enjoy playing it! But at least if It had long distance (such that you pass in other cities), Add more trucks, if it is possible to pack the trailer between others, and the trailer is too soft thus it can’t go reverse, no buses in the way, other cars don’t over take, why is it that even when you don’t have a job, you can’t go to other places?, Other cars are too slow, the truck can’t pass between others (other cars use only two spaces). Expecting them in the next update.

You can see with high resolution only but navigation system fails and the trucking bay area to the destination, the game doesn’t work properly showing whether it’s right hand or left hand drive. Too many bugs. Settings change on their own. And not sure if it is a game or simulator. Most of all there are no street lights and you don’t have headlights or tail lights. Weather graphics is the only adaptation I love about this game.

Awesome game. But there are a few problems. (1) Sometimes the traffic signals always stay yellow. (2) If I crash there is no way of getting up right and I have to re-install.(3) There is always some kind of black sunlight coming and the clouds are also sometimes black. So these are the problems I noticed and would be cool to fix these as well.

It’s the best driving game that I have ever played,the controls are good and the graphics are great but I would love if more improvement are made in the graphics and controls. When turning your truck the card moves in opposite direction of the place it should have moved and also during night it should be more darker in order to have real need of light, and the dissapearing of vehicles when you accidentally hit them something should be done about it. But in all the game is good.

Awesome game. But there are a few problems.(1) Sometimes the traffic signals always stay yellow. (2)If I crash there is no way of getting up right and I have to re-install.(3)There is always some kind of black sunlight coming and the clouds are also sometimes black. So these are the problems I noticed and would be cool to fix these as well.

For my opinion, It’s the best truck simulation game. It has a great graphics and lighting, the traffic ai is also smart I guess. There’s some bugs I’ve encountered though, And willing for them to be fixed. Sometimes, the traffic lights just stops at red while a singular traffic light is on green; The side mirrors overlap thru the walls on the tunnel while in cockpit view; traffic ai disappears when you hit on them; Overall, I recommend it. Rated 5 stars because I don’t want to insult the dev

Amazing app I suggest you can make tunnel realistic, improve interiors,and when it’s raining make whole windshield looks wet so that the wiper is useful!! I’ve also seen bugs like the traffic light take too long to turn green sometimes not, the cars just disappear when I accidentally hit them,and the other trucks is shaking so fast when driving in a curvy road!!I wish you could fix those problem and make more improvement from these game!!But overall this game is amazing!!!

Spectacular graphics, that’s what I can say. The game does need improvements like different highways, as most of them look same, and better AI, as they jump, disappear and etc right in front of my eyes lol. Truck looks like a cardboard box cut-out, but Environment detailing is awesome. The weather effects, rain’s effect on the road, day njght cycle all are superb. Some more improvements and this game will be a banger. But for 45MB it’s still incredible. I would recommend this. Good job Wanda Dev

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