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Universal Truck SimulatorUniversal Truck Simulator (UTS) brings next-gen simulation experiance to mobile devices, developed with constant feedback/suggestions from players.

The game encompasses a detailed large map which is set in Wesern Germany, featuring real locations such as Munich, Rosenheim, Ebersberg, Vorderiss, Autobahn and the beautiful Bavarian mountain range.

Main Features:
1. Large Map: Detailed 3D Real world locations with landmarks and long distance routes.

2. Trucks: European/American Trucks split in various axle formations (4×2,6×2,6×4 & 8×4).

3. Trailers: Wide range of European/American trailers (box, flatbed, lowboy, refrigerated, log, tanker, cattle etc..)

4. Own Garage: Players have the ability to Buy/expand their own garage with total freedom to move around inside and out.

5. Parts: All vehicles parts can be changed/upgraded such as the engine, gearbox, turbo, tyres, battery, radiator, coolant, oil, and horn.

6. Engine sounds: All engines include real sounds and performance

7. Damage system: The game features physical damage and truck body deformation on collision. vehicle parts have wear and tear system

8. Customisation: Vehicles can be fully be customised such as the color, body attachements, lights. interior customisation include change of dashboard color, steering wheel, dash lights.

9. Skin Maker: Players can create custom skins for both trucks, trailers inside the game.

10.Weather: day/night and multi weather system which includes sunshine,
rain, thunder and fog.

and much more

Universal Truck Simulator user reviews :

This game is best driving game available for Android! I love playing Universal Truck Simulator! The game’s graphics are very good and gameplay is amazing! I have a problem that is very annoying, Whatever graphics I choose, when I’m in truck, the side mirrors and dashboard pieces start flickering my device is Realme C21 and RAM 4GB. I hope you will look into it. I have truly fantastic experience! Thanks to developers for such an amazing game available for Android and iOS devices!

Update: Game graphics is good, gameplay is interesting. I am glad that my camera issue is fixed now, even I can peak out of window like ETS2 & TOE3. Returning back to base after job is a player choice now 1. Wipers does remove water now but in a weird way. 2. Visibility after turning on headlight still need to be improved. Weather changes rapidly. No sleep mechanism is disappointing. And please add head up down tilt adjustment

Excellent graphics, but a few glitches need to be fixed up 1. Night time driving is good but light reflection to the next vehicle infront is full of glitches. 2. While using wiper, should show the removed water part on wind shield. (Add detail here) 3. There should be more options on checkpoints, as there is a FPP where it alow to get out from the truck, should be some paperwork formalities as well 4. A option for resting and eating somewhere.

The steering control of this game is very good, but the problem I always have is when steering the scream normally shift they should make it to be more stiff or a kind of lock it. The quality of the AI is poor they should look into. Overtaking the ai vehicles is ok, the weather cycle is changing rapidly, they should allow the day to last a bit and rain is constantly falling. The rain on the screen is not covering it so that when whipper is apply it will clear it. They should look into it. Ut

At first I was nervous, if this game was not going to play and then I installed it and fell in love with the graphics it’s great thereafter, started playing and then I started having a hard time with the controls especially the steering wheel, it’s is kinda a too big and thin, coz most of the time my finger would just slide through the center, and tap the horn instead, also i would also love the hands on steering feature, and make it super dynamic, please consider this features okay?

It’s a nice game but they’re still many things to work on, 1 Add more route cus sometimes I get bored plying same route always…. 2 The weather switches so quickly… One minute it’s daytime and the next minute it’s night 3 When you get to you destination sometimes, it’s suddenly says trailer doesn’t match… And so much things to work on… These are just but few. The most important ones

Hi, Games I like enough. Needs more improvement There are so many messings in the games to show me, like – Foods system, sleeping system, batter traffic and police system, anti lock draft, multiple job selected sending the mobile, truck wash & repair shop, more then map, map details, shipment system, any Overtack system for truck or any other vehicle, roads need to be narrowed up, button & joystick sensitivity is very bad. Some passages need to be simplified for better playability. Thanks.

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