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[App] Up Astrology – Your Astrology Coach

Up Astrology  Up Astrology – Your Personal Astrology Coach

Created by experts, the UpAstrology app gives your personalized birth charts, love compatibility report, numerology, solar return report, and daily horoscope. It’s calculated to perfection. It helps you better understand yourself and gain deeper insight into your personality and individuality.

Your Birth Chart

Break through the clutter. Get a clean astrology app that gives exactly what you need, in the detail and with the best accuracy. Create a profile just once and see an extremely personalized report every day.

Your birth or natal chart is a view of the heavens for a precise time, date, and location. Get your birth chart created along with key points such as the Moon phase, the preponderance of elements, qualities, and hemisphere emphasis.

What are your ascendant and ascendant ruler and what do they denote.

A personalized report of your birth chart giving you detailed information on each of your planet profiles with their house, sign, and dispositor.

Your Birth Day Forecast / Solar Return

Create your solar return charts to understand the themes of the upcoming year, challenges, and opportunities. Get your Solar return planets, houses, and aspects calculated very smoothly and displayed beautifully.

Love Compatibility – Synastry Chart

Synastry is a compatibility analysis for a couple. Our app has built-in Synastry chart calculator and aspects delineation.
Gain valuable insight into your synastry chart by reading our love compatibility interpretation.

Numerology – Numbers for you

Numerology is a way of finding, through mathematics, the energies we are working within this lifetime. Instant access to your personal numbers such as Life Path Number, Personality Number, Expression Number, Challenge Numbers, Soul Urge Number, and Sub Conscious Number.
– Get a deeper insight into your personality by our numerological interpretations for Life Path, Personality, and Expression numbers.

Daily Horoscopes

Covers all the zodiac sun sign horoscopes – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
Know your horoscope for yesterday, today and tomorrow in 6 different life categories – Love, Career, Health, Emotions, Travel, and Luck.
Written by expert astrologers on a daily basis.

How it works

Simply create your profile with the birth date, time and place and you are ready to explore yourself astrologically. Up Astrology, the app is your personal astrology coach.
You can also add your friends’ and family members’ birth details and start viewing their natal charts, solar returns and much more.

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Up Astrology user reviews :

The app used to be so good. It’s my favorite astrology app ever. But lately it’s been super glitchy…. a couple weeks ago I was getting the same horoscope everyday for a week. And my gf has the same app on her I phone and our horoscopes are never the same on both apps….. very disappointing because this app is my absolute favorite and I don’t like any others

Pretty good, has faults though. The one thing id wish they would fix is that for some reason, despite having the correct date, they have the incorrect day. Like it could be 9/7 (a Tuesday) and it’ll say that it’s still the weekend. But that’s the only flaw, it’s a good and fun app.

I really like this app, but when I opened it today the natal chart (circle picture) was gone. I hope this can be fixed soon, since it’s a 5 Star app otherwise

I find this app great and pretty informative. I wish they’d go in depth with the daily stuff. I also purchased a natal report and have gotten zero download for it and zero responses to my “Contact Us” message. Would be great to hear back faster

I absoulutley love this app! The natal chart is so detailed, and my favorite part is probably the daily advice or whatever.

It’s really helpful with keeping all your astrological information in just one place.

Probably the most accurate astrology app I’ve ever used!! Def no bs here! Only wish there was a glossary or a small explanation for different things that, maybe, someone who is new to astrology, wouldn’t understand right off the bat. NEVERTHELESS, the natal report i received from them was outstanding. they sent me a 52 page report of super detailed and completely personalized information. love the app guys!! keep it up!

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