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WanderlogThe best app to plan a trip, Wanderlog is the easiest-to-use, completely free travel app for planning every kind of trip, including road trips and group travel! Create a trip itinerary, organize flight, hotel, and car reservations, view places to visit on a map, and collaborate with friends. After your trip, share a travel guide to inspire other travelers.

See flights, hotels, and attractions in one place (like TripIt and Tripcase)
View road trip plans on a travel map & map your route (like Roadtrippers)
Rearrange the order of places easily by drag-and-drop
Planning a road trip? Add unlimited stops for free, optimize your route, view times & distances between places, and export places to Google Maps
Planning group travel? Invite friends and collaborate in real-time just (like Google Docs)
Automatically import reservations by forwarding emails or connecting your Gmail
Add things to do from top guides with 1 click (like Tripadvisor and Google Trips/Google Travel)
Access your trip plans offline (Pro)
Add notes and links to your stops
Have your trip plans automatically sync across devices
Set budgets, track expenses, and split bills with a group


Every time you add a place to visit, it’s immediately pinned on your Google Maps-based travel map. No need to pull up different travel apps and websites to organize vacation plans – you can do it all in the Wanderlog trip planner app! Plus, if you’re visiting points in order, lines will connect the different pins on the map so you can see your route (perfect for road trips!). You can also export all your places to Google Maps too.


All your holiday plans are automatically stored offline on the Wanderlog travel planner app – especially helpful during a road trip with poor signal and international travel.


Looking for the best road trip planner? Travelers can plan their driving trips and stops with Wanderlog. See your route on a map, or try our route optimizer to automatically rearrange and plan your route to save travel time. See estimated times & distance traveled between places to make sure it all fits, and total time and distance traveled for a given day to make sure you’re not driving your car too long. Plus, you can add unlimited stops along your road trip for free.


For group travel planning, add your trip mates with their email address or by sharing a link to the itinerary. Like for Google Docs, everyone can collaborate in real-time. Set permissions and choose whether people can edit or just view your travel plans.


Access flights, hotels, and attractions in one app. Forward flight and hotel confirmation emails to import them directly into your trip plan, or connect your Gmail to automatically add them. Prefer to keep high-level plans? Make generic lists like ‘Things to do’ and ‘Restaurants’ you want to eat at. Traveling on a tight schedule and want to create a detailed itinerary? Organize your day by adding start (and end) times, perfect for keeping track of tickets and reservations.


For each place, see key info like a description and picture of the place, average user ratings with links to reviews, opening hours, address, website, and phone number. Stay inspired by exploring top travel guides for every city from the web that feature viewpoints, attractions, and restaurants, and from lists from Google Trips and Google Travel, as well as by other Wanderlog users, and add things to do from those guides to your trip plan with 1 click.

Set a vacation budget for yourself or a group. Take control of your spending and keep track of all expenses. For a group trip, split a bill with other people and easily calculate the cost. Keep a record of who paid for what, how much money everyone owes or is owed, and settle debts between trip mates.

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Wanderlog user review :

Incredibly helpful. Lots of useful features. One small inconvenient: please provide, by default or as an option, the distance between objectives in kilometers, not in miles only. Update: even though on the web it works great, on mobile platforms (both iOS&Android) it just works purely miserable. Please, please, improve it’s response speed and performance.

Wanderlog has great potential, with amazing UX, but has some serious issues. Weeks worth of planning and notes disappeared due to data corruption on their side. Support was able to recover about half of it, but this took nearly a week, with huge delays in communication. By that time it was too little too late. I ended up switching to TripIt instead, which has worse UX, but at least it won’t lose your data.

  • Hi Darius – sorry for the inconvenience. Usually, what happens is that the device sends the changes up to our servers, but our servers never receive the changes. I also apologize we weren’t able to recover all your data and for the communication delays. Email me at peter@wanderlog.com – I’m an engineer and will try to help out more.

This app is awesome! I would have paid for the pro, if the billing for per-trip or per-week. The annual and monthly billing are awkward, no-one travels that much! Overall the app is very well done, good looking, and has a decent amount of features. Edit: I just noticed that there’s only an annual plan, which doesn’t help my decision of not buying the pro.

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