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[Game] Word Connect

Word Connect  Do you enjoy word puzzle games? Here comes the perfect word games for you!

Word Search games has never been so challenging. Enjoy the best combination of word searching and crosswords.

The Word Connect games is loved by over Millions of users worldwide! Come and Find all hidden words! DOWNLOAD TODAY for FREE!!

New Features: Enjoy the New Crossword Puzzle Word Game.


Slide & drag your finger over the words to solve puzzles. Game gets trickier as you progress. The game’s brain teasers test your vocabulary, lateral thinking & puzzle solving skills.


Daily Gift
Hundreds of Word Puzzle Games
Automatically saved
Play OFFLINE in anytime and anywhere with no time limits
Free & easy to play, challenging to master word games
Word Games designed for all ages, perfect for kids & adults!
Word games were created by person, not by computer, to make sure word puzzle games are always interesting and fun.

Word search is perfect for both word connect and crossword puzzle word games FANS!

Start Your Word Games Daily Brain Training NOW!

There are thousands of word games on android but this word connect is unique and fun. Word games can be easy or hard but this word connect game suits everyone.

Some word games may drain your brain but this word connect remains good balance of fun and difficulty.

You will find many similar word games but this word connect will standout for sure.

Word games are fun but this word connect game is even better.

For all word game lovers, this word connect is truly what you deserve.

Word games for the young, word games for the smart, word games for the fun.

Word puzzle games uplift your literacy; word puzzle games improve your memory; above all, word puzzle games kill your boring time.

Build your word connect knowledge, improve your word connect skills, beat the word connect challenges.

Word Connect user reviews :

I hardly see ads. I actually get challenged. Also, this game recognizes my bonus words. Other games do not even count unique as actual words when they clearly are words. I am impressed. Hint: Play unique and unusual words first to get the most bonus words because once the words are filled on the screen, no more words will be allowed since there will be no more room left..

I like this game because it’s fun it brings you out of stress well me, only 4 stars because in this game I have some problems that need to be fixed now in this game:there are some words that you have to connect but those we don’t know what it even means and all the words that are real you don’t put them in the connected puzzle that’s it.

This a Great game, it gives you lots of scores and hints and sometimes you win a prize like a present with score and sometimes they have ads! But play this game, they gave beautiful background and you get lots of scores and prizes and you’ll know what level you are on. Play this game now! You don’t wanna miss it and good for your brain and If your bored play this game and it’s lots of fun! I suggest to you to play this game now!!!!!

I find this game honestly relaxing. Yes ads are irritating, but it’s really not that bad.

I love this game it really helps you use your brain and you can learn a few new words along the way!! very addicting. My sons and grandchildren love to help find words. Its really educational for both adults and children !! Let yours children or grandchildren play with you, you will be amazed how much they enjoy it.Maybe you can make a children’s version for different age groups!! I ‘ll be on the look out!!

I find it very useful because it makes you really use your brain and words. It also tricks you with the double letters and trying to figure out what words fit best in the blank spaces. Its mind boggling but at the same time it feels good when you solve the crossword puzzle. I also like the extra credit words. I also like that you can switch the letters around in the circle so you can see if you recognize any other words. The level of the game can get intense at but at the same time its fun.

I use this app on my Fire tablet & have enjoyed using it for weeks, but I uninstalled from my Pixel minutes after installing. I could not figure out an easy way to exit & ended up restarting my phone, then uninstalled it asap. So, while I’ve thought of it as a 5 star free word puzzle app, not being able to exit easily is way too irritating to deal with on my phone.

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