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[Game] Words Mahjong – Word Search

Words MahjongAlways look on the bright side of word games, play Words Mahjong!

You surely know that brain games suit all ages – and even more, it’s always fun to combine new words with friends! Stylish design and relaxing music only enhance the positive effect of the word find mechanic – calming down during the word-search process. As in most word games for adults, you should use your memory and quick thinking to solve the crossword. Moreover, word search does not only require these skills from the very start of such brain games but also develops them!

Most crossword puzzle and word scramble free games force you to play with a timer. Only the best word puzzle games, such as Words Mahjong wordsearch, allow you to play at your own pace – there is no timer in this game, so you can devote the right amount of time to any word crush situation without getting nervous. Think over your every move in this brain training game!

Word connect brain puzzle rules are simple:

1. Choose the chips with letters you want and make a word out of them. The maximum word length is 7 letters. The longer the word, the more points you get!

2. You can return each unnecessary chip letter by clicking on it again. The chips are removed one by one, in the same order in which they were selected.

3. When the word is assembled, click on the green checkmark at the bottom right to remove it from the playing field. Use boosters if you get stuck or if you want to solve all crossword puzzles faster.

4. Every collected word brings points. You can find your word collect indicator at the top of the screen. When it is full, you will be taken to the next level!

Use some special tricks for word find games:

Storm. Strike random letters with thunder – this will instantly remove them and raise your score.
Wand. This special feature allows changing any specific letter to make your game easier.
Shuffle. You can change the positions of all letters at once. Make a word trip there!
Shop. Get the necessary amount of coins to make your game even more delightful!

The shop is always open:

You can surely play Words Mahjong as other word connect free games. But still, playing search games or words with friends classic for free won’t bring you everything that the best mind games can offer – visit our shop to add extra fun to your game. Our special deals will make your word hunt even more delightful. But be careful: some offers can leave you dizzy – so unbelievably good they are! Enrich your vocabulary with Words Mahjong today!

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Words Mahjong user reviews :

Hmm There’s not much more than what I originally posted. I’m able to play the game 1 or 2 times, (“a time” = play-exit-return to play later) that works only once or twice. Then I return & the game won’t open. It starts to, but stalls on the loading screen. And stays there indefinitely. It never loads/opens. Just stays on the loading screen. The plain cartoon pic (no on-screen text) of forest, 3 tiles, trees & stream. & there it stays. I tried to un & reinstall it. But the same thing happened.

  • Hello! We are truly sorry for this issue. Could you please share more details so we could fix it? Please, contact us through the game settings or at support[at]appsyoulove.com and we will definitely look into it!

Loved the game at first. I had gathered a bunch of coins, was over 120 levels, then suddenly it updated or something. I had to start again at level 1. Found I still had all my coins, but could no longer use them to purchase shuffles or anything. It wants me to pay $2 for a single shuffle. Uhm, sorry no. I get wanting to make a buck but that a bit much. Ads would do, but more often than not, there are no videos available for the free option. Very dissatisfied with the last update.

  • Hello, thank you for your review! We understand your feelings about the new update. In the future versions we will certainly add more uses for coins, so you can start accumulating them now! Thank you for playing our game, we really appreciate it

So far i like this game. It’s a different way to do a word puzzle. Less adds would be great, but i know thats how you are supported. 8/12…SCREEN IS FROZEN. I EVEN RESTARTED MY PHONE. WHAT’S UP????? My wifi is on!! I had to uninstall and install again. Here’s hoping. Well, once again, it’s frozen!! Once again, it’s frozen. Took away 3 stars. It’s a good concept, but it needs work.

  • Hello! We are truly sorry for this issue. Could you please share more details so we could fix it? Please, contact us at support[at]appsyoulove.com and we will definitely look into it!

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