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Yoga-GoYoga-Go is the daily yoga workout app for all ages and for everyone from beginners to more advanced yogis.

Join our 30 day yoga challenge, learn new yoga poses from over 500+ asanas and change your lifestyle.


Yoga studio right in your pocket

Daily workout for women

Stretching & flexibility training to boost your performance

Morning or bedtime yoga depending on your preference

Personalized fitness plan at home

Exercises based on your personal preferences and abilities

7-30 minutе workouts for both beginners and advanced yogis


Yoga-Go combines customized fitness plans for all ages and body types. Dive into simple home-based yoga workouts that won’t take up too much of your time.
The workouts will only take you 7-30 minutes per session! As well as a 7 minute workout (morning warm ups), introduce your body to intensive fitness and pilates challenges aimed at building endurance, improving flexibility, losing weight and toning up the whole body.


Practice from the comfort of your own home. All our classes have been developed by professional yoga coaches and pilates trainers.
No matter what type of yoga you practice, you’ll find something suitable on Yoga-Go. Choose from: yoga, pilates, stretching, and more. No equipment or previous workout experience is needed!


The app offers different workouts according to your health goals. Even the busiest person can find 7-15 minutes a day to complete the home workout.
Up for a longer training session? No problem! Switch to a 30-minute workout or melt away with breathing exercises.
There are drills for all muscle groups from legs, arms, and belly, to full body! The workouts are suitable for everyone: for women and men of any age, beginners and pros!


Access workouts that are focused on figure sculpting, mind and body health, and stretching and flexibility. Enroll in a weight loss challenge to reach your wellness goals in a more effective way.
Customize duration, level, goal, and yoga style. Workout anytime, and set your workout days and rest days. Choose between different training plans, focus on a problem body area, and train with a purpose.

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Yoga is more than just fat-burning workouts. It’s also about making your body stronger and healthier. Join our yoga app and start with a 7-minute workout per day and build one more good habit into your life.

Start your daily yoga workouts with Yoga-Go! Lose weight, do flexibility training, explore new yoga poses, and become a more advanced yogi.

Yoga-Go user reviews :

I have started using this app in 2021 when I experienced some breathing issues. I used the breathing techniques and also the workouts for different body parts. Going through the exercises, not only helped me with the breathing, but also with weight control and my overall well being. I shared my feedback before that I liked the platform at that time, and I got a bit confused when they changed it. However, I got used to the new format, and I am happy for the many options they offer. Thanks you!

  • Thanks! We would be thrilled if you came back with a 5-star review later! :) For us, you having a happy body and soul means staying healthy with the app

Definitely not for beginners, felt very annoyed when I first paid for it as I felt I had been lied to with the advertisement on Instagram. I did however persevere and some of the poses have become easier but still not entirely doable even after doing it every day for a month. I kept to the regiment quite strictly and it hasn’t helped me lose weight but it has helped my back pain. It would be nice to see easy options for complete beginners and please put back the option to turn off shavasana!

  • Thank you for your feedback. The information used in our promotional materials corresponds to the current functionality of the application and is displayed in the app in a more convenient way. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any doubts or questions regarding this topic—our support team is available 24/7 to assist you.

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