ZOMBIE Kingdom – Save the kingdom

[Game] ZOMBIE Kingdom – Survival AFK

ZOMBIE KingdomBecome secret forces against bloody K-Zombie and save the kingdom!

Once upon a time, In the 29th year of King Sejong,
Become Joseon’s special secret “Detective” and complete your mission!

“The famine struck so hard this spring that there are people eating human flesh.”

The Joseon Dynasty is in chaos, and the King Sejong has ordered the “Detectives” to carry on a secret mission!
Become the “Detective” with excellent physical abilities and the skills to perform Taoist magic to save the country.

A thrilling action, sweeping zombies using fans!
A large fan-shaped weapon you have never seen before!
Simple yet splendid fan skills! Feel the speedy action as you grow.

Experience the Joseon Dynasty with 3D & pixel graphics!
Cute and retro dot graphic that everyone likes!
It’s a 3D background that makes you fall in love with the more and more!!

Awesome! Gorgeous! Exotic transformation skills!
Become stronger by transforming into Hong Gil-dong, The Nine-tailed Fox, Grim Reaper and many more!

Simple, yet numerous ways to grow!
All you need is a simple tap to grow!
Experience yourself become stronger and greater with a simple tap!

ZOMBIE Kingdom user reviews :

This games pretty cute. like it so far been playing a few hours but I enjoy.

There’s a bug at the defence mode where the player would walk slowly at the upper where the zombies spawn and it will be the end of it, its quite unfair I usually can go up to wave 60+ but if it happens and end at wave 14 or 20+. Also, it would be good if there’s bulk use of red scroll or skip in defence mode because its time consuming so much. If this is fixed, I’ll change my review and possibly give better stars.

Not bad. But once you hit level 10,000… Everything becomes slow.

Easy and fun, enjoy being able to not be stuck at a certain level i think rn there is a maintenance going on but not too sure but other than that great game

Hey. A couple minor and one large issues. Minors: Tapping repeatedly to craft and upgrade There is no real explanation on how to sweep multiple times No real explanation on crafting Major: The game is extremely choppy. This seems to be a major FPS issue with it capping out and then dropping rapidly. Just work on these and you’re on your way to 5 stars fast.

Very good. Can always improve but as far as idles go ive played very many and this one has everything you need. Not really a fan of gacha systems. Would be great to see our entire character and not be surrounded by mobs.. maybe a infinite mode with scaling rewards based on waves. Things like that would be great to have

Game is fun, everything is very rewarding. But the problem is, the game is very laggy, it lags the moment the game starts, i thought it’s because of low ram and rom, but i installed it in my mate pro, it still lag. Although it is lag, it’s still fun to play, hope you can lessen the lag

Contents are good but too laggy and is it a bug where the character attacks theres a square shapes. please minimize effects and make it run smoothly. i could give 5 stars in next update.

All my gems suddenly gone, when I was drawing accessory, suddenly all 2 million gems disappeared.

The game is pretty fun, the only problems are is when it lags when the character is attacking, the servant is sometimes bugging out and there are some missing english translation.

Need to fix lag, bugs, and make multiple purchases 10x faster. Collection items is horrendous. Laggy. Not bad for an offline gacha grind fest. Late game will probably feel like climbing a mountain with many things maxing out.

It’s good Aldo it’s fun at first and then it gets a little less fun by the minute and it gives you alot of stuff at first but after a while it started to get boring since the game made no attempt to make a good and game that really makes you work hard it just hands every thing to you at the beginning and then when you progress in the game it starts to get so easy that it was not that fun Any more and 3 stars is a good rating for me and I would not play this game or any game like it

Great game BUT why once you hit 10k CL, does the exp gain just hit a brick wall?? This bug is verified by many Discord users and really needs to be addressed in order for this to be 5 star “main” game. Perfect second game, as a result of the EXP BUG, my $$$ will be spent elsewhere like Blade Idle, etc.

This game is insanely fun and addictive! Please keep working and update and add new stuff it has alot of potential! So much to do and progress you ate awesome! I would like to request HD graphic mode and full screen support please

Even though it heavily lags when you pop out Contents it’s still a good game and I know you guys will be able to fix it for later. Pure F2P! And I hope it stays the same.

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