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Any HIDEAny HIDE : Do you have private photos, videos, documents, files or folders that you don’t want your friends or family or coworkers can see?

Any HIDE will help you keep them hide on your phone. Even your private contents do not shown in any file browser.

Other files and folders remain available to your family or friends or coworkers.

Do you want to share your personal contents to yours private people only. If YES then hold on, we are introducing another hot premium feature in version 1.2 called “Private Share”. This will help you to share your private items to your private people only.

Upcoming features of version 1.3:
1. Share more than one items.
2. Full control to user to customize Any HIDE all features.
3. Save your hidden items at SD card or phone memory with strict security (No one can reveal contests except valid users.
4. Support of landscape and portrait UI for mobiles for great user experience.

How it works:
1. Just long press to select any public or private item.
2. Tap hide or Unhide either from quick option button or menu and done.

Any HIDE main features:
* Restore backups of private files, folders, photos and videos.
* Enhanced UI with quick actions
* Hide Photos, Videos, Documents, Files and even Folders.
* Easy-to-use PIN pad access
* Hide one or more than one items with single click. Just long press on any item to select and then choose as many photos, videos, documents or folders.
* Un-hide photos, videos, documents and folders from Un-Hide option of menu.
* User friendly interface, just swipe left or right to view public or private photos, files, videos and folders.
* Browse private folders.
* Full-screen viewing
* Proper confirmation messages (toast) after hide or unhide actions.


Q: How do I see my private photos, videos, documents and folders?
A: Open “Any HIDE” and swipe left to see Private contents.

Q: How I can hide more than one Photos or Videos?
A: Long press over item to select and then choose as many Photos or Videos or Files or even Folders by just tapping item.

Q: What is “Private Share”?
A: User can share private or public photo, video, file or document to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google Drive, YouTube, Google Docs, Picasa, Bluetooth, GMail, Messaging or any other share network.

Q: What is “Private Delete”?
A: User can delete private or public photos, videos, files, documents or folders.

Q: If i delete any Private or Public item then can i restore later?
A: No. Once item is deleted by user either private or public then it will permanently deleted from private or public folder as well as from backup to effectively use available size for users of Free version.

Q: What happen if I cancel hiding or unhiding operation by device BACK button?
A: Any HIDE will cancel operation and do not hide or unhide select items.

Q: How many documents, photos, videos and folders i can hide?
A: In free version 30MB space is allowed for your contents.

Q: May I can open private and public contents from Any HIDE?
A: Yes for public items but for private items you can browse only folders.

Q: If someone mistakenly clear application cache or uninstall application then can i get back all my private files and folders?
A: Yes, just relaunch or re install Any HIDE and tap “Restore backup” option from menu.

Any HIDE user reviews :

Too many apps like this. They’re pointless to give permissions to. Just rename the folder with a . In front of it. It’ll hide it. If anyones rooting around on you phone with a file explorer then you probably deserve to get caught with whatever you wanna hide. And just like all the others… can’t even lock widgets or home screen folders….

Installed because of reading some of the good reviews . But bullshit because the free version wont allow u to hide more than 30mbs. Whats the point.

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