FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
Q – Apps from https://www.free-apps-android.com are from outside of Google Play Store ?

A – No, apps posted on our website have only links that go to Google Play Store

Q – Can you post my app / game on https://free-apps-android.com ?

A – Yes, use our Contact form to send your app / game  link to Play Store (minim 500 words description or the app/game will not be posted)

Q – Some apps / games posted here are no longer listed on play store, why ?

A – Google periodically clean play store and remove apps / games  please use our Contact form to send us the link to remove from our website

Q – How can i receive daily post on my email account ?

A – Use our Subscription form Google or Follow.it service to receive free android apps / games on your email account daily (Google has stopped the feedburn service and it is no longer possible to subscribe via the feedburn newsletter. (hopefully in the future they will replace feedburn with something better, until then we use the Follow.it service)

Q – User reviews are from Google Play Store ?

A – Yes, most of the user reviews are from play store this way you have a feedback from user that have installed app / game on phone / tablet ( but remember users don`t always look at the requirement of the app / game and the apps / games could work great on your phone)

Q – Why i get only one browser notification wen you publish minim 7 post daily ?

A – If you subscribe to our push notification we will send you only one/two push notification daily, we don`t want to send you 7 push notification in a row because it’s annoying. Subscribing to our Google or Follow.it service via email will send you all the post published (apps/games) in your email address (minim 5 per day)

Q – Why download link is cut like this “”Download app/game name from Play Store“” ?

A – App or game was removed from Google Play Store for various reasons.

Q – Some games and apps have a link to USA Play Store, how to change this to your own country ?

A – Ex : from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playredfox.khh&hl=en&gl=US  you change to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playredfox.khh you remove &hl=en&gl=US from the end.

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