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Download free books & reference apps for android

ReadNow – Never be bored

ReadNow – Novels and Fiction Read romance and other type stories on ReadNow. Don’t miss these super-popular stories everyone is obsessed with. New chapters added daily!(This app contains some 18+ content) Unique Features Select ANY GENRE you like: romance, stories with reborn heroes, magical realism, eastern …

Webfic – Get real-time recommendation according to your preferences

Webfic – Fantastic Reading Webfic is a reading app with massive original English stories, types include urban, romance,fantasy,werewolf,classic and so on. Download it now and enjoy reading together. Get real-time recommendation of orginal stories according to your preferences. Have a wonderful reading experience through the function …

Astrology Dictionary – Discover the signification of the decans

Astrology Dictionary   This dictionary includes all the astrological terms used by astrologers. All of these terms are described and explained in correlation with astrological thought, techniques and tradition. The explanations are often accompanied by graphics or diagrams. Discover what synastry (astral affinities) is, how astrology …

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