A Cursed Hero – A hero who became a chest

[Game] The Chest – A Cursed Hero

A Cursed Hero So, You Mean This Box is My Hero?

A hero who became a chest with a witch’s curse!
In the lonely adventure of a chest in search of a witch to dispel the curse, the witch, Ellin, is with you as a companion!
Will the chest be able to become human again?

Idle RPG without control
See the battle unfold with simple controls anytime, anywhere!

Enjoy easy and simple with automatic play, automatic hunting, and automatic farming!
Earn gold and items constantly even offline!

Hyper Boost! Unstoppable Super-Power Growth
Help your own chest get stronger and watch it change!

Enhance your stats with explosively increasing gold and defeat a powerful enemy in one shot!
Become stronger by improving your stats thanks to legendary equipment and accessories!
Card collection that gives you special abilities by collecting cards that fit a given mission!

World map: make monsters and dragons your allies
Strategic play that turns the strongest enemy into a companion! Build a powerful team with capturing and taming!

Purify contaminated minerals in the vast world map and explore the world!
Catch powerful wild monsters by installing traps and tame them as companions!
Make the fearsome dragon your ally and have more power!

“Any reason to wait any longer? Join the adventure of the Chest with the cute companion Ellin.”

A Cursed Hero user reviews :

The game seems generous with the f2p player, and the concept of a hero of unusual shape is interesting. There appears to be a fair amount of effort put into iterating upon old standard systems in this sort of game. Still, the game feels like it is lacking something to really retain my interest. I’ve probably played way too many games in this genre.

Um, not too sure about this one. I was interested in seeing how the chest would be the hero of this game, so I pre-registered and got it now, but it’s quite messy. Upgrades take too long to buy, I have to hold the button forever instead of a “max buy” button or something, but the auto upgrade for equipment is a nice feature. Some more options for quality would also be nice, since there’s always weapons flying around. Also, getting quest rewards takes forever. Less is more

  • Max Buy seems like a great feature! Thank you so much for your suggestion and feedback We have delivered it to our Dev. Team! If you want to suggest anything, feel free to suggest your ideas via our hotline! Also, join in our community for various events!!! Hotline : cs[at]thechest.zendesk.com Community : discord.gg/BaWCspczB3

The story itself is interesting, however I see there’s still many problems with this game. The first few minutes I entered the game crashed and every time a tutorial log pops up I can’t get rid of it, which forces me to quit the game and come back again. I’m not sure if the problem lies in the game or incompatibility with my device (I’m using an Android, OnePlus 5T). (This comment was back in July) Edit: Ok now it’s December, so I gave this game a second chance and now the bugs are gone

  • We really appreciate your support We are currently going through a maintenance and we are improving our features. We will do our best to provide you the better gaming experience. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact our hotline team! Hotline : cs[at]thechest.zendesk.com  discord.gg/BaWCspczB3

I’ve been playing for 30 minutes now. The game is ridiculously addicting as the game gives generous rewards each clear at the dungeon. The graphics are attractive, although I would’ve like more substance to the story around Hero’s background (overall, that is my personal preference but great game!) The gameplay is something I haven’t tried– and I highly recommend it to new players to this genre.

  • We will do our best to provide you the better gaming environment. Our Dev. Team is still working day and nights to improve our game. If you want to suggest anything, feel free to contact our hotline team! Come and join in our community for events and special rewards! Hotline : cs[at]thechest.zendesk.com discord.gg/BaWCspczB3

Incredibly unique spin on the Idle formula! Very refreshing systems and “heroes” to collect, gorgeous artwork, fast progression (at least so far), solid tutorialization, and bursting with charm! Perfect for casual players and idle vets that want something fresh! Incredibly f2p so far as well! Me and my girlfriend started it together and we’re both enjoying it!

  • Thank you so much for your valuable feedback! Our new content [Hero’s Wings] was updated! Come and join us in our official community and participate in various events! We have posted our special coupon for our new content, Hero’s Wings as well!! Share some great tips with other users! Community :  discord.gg/BaWCspczB3

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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