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A KeyboardA Keyboard + Emoji Keyboard is a Free to download Keyboard with PREMIUM paid features that can all be earned for free within the application if you follow the instructions, Currently exclusive to Android, it helps you type faster and in the way you are most accustomed to,
Use 3×4(12Key) everywhere from Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Skype and Line.

We would love to hear from you, and all supporters of our product are appreciated
Guys please try the Beta and let us know your thoughts-
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Highlights of A Keyboard:

Two variation of 3×4 Layout Keyboard packed in one app
Use Emoji, and smiley anywhere conveniently at the push of a button
Multiple Themes, and layouts.
Learning Prediction – The predictive engine behind this keyboard is unique and always in development but it is developed with the old style that many of our users prefer and love.
Over 50 languages supported

Important Q&A

Do I need to pay to use A Keyboard ?

Of course not, you can earn the access using our firstegems which you earn by trying some apps. It takes less than 1 Min with most apps or you can buy some firstecredits and pay for the content. We need your funding as ever to keep improving.

Do I need to log in to use your Keyboard?
Yes, We have had previous versions where you did not need to log in and it was a chaos tracking people who bought and did not get the items. Managing dictionaries etc.

Are you stealing my data ?
No, Your data is secure and is of no gain to us.

If I give you a 1 star review will i get access free ?
No! We will never succumb to the review terrorists. our product cost us both time and money and should you want it free there is a simple way to earn it within the app. One star reviews will get you nothing.

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A Keyboard user reviews :

When I type in a word, other selections of words, are not showing up in a word bar across the top

Did not get far with this. Not sure why a keyboard NEEDS access to contacts, controlling phone calls etc. to work. Strange permission usage in an app is a no-go for me. Answer to comment: These should be optional features/permissions. It’s not something that should render the app unuseable, when not granted. Default permissions for any keyboard, should be limited close to none.

  • Access is needed to help with contact name suggestions this is an optional feature but if this can be activated you must ask and declare these permission before submission to playstore.

Love it. Would be great if swipe can be integrated on top of T9. It would be better if a straightforward free trial with the option of upgrading to the paid app with all premium features could be offered rather than offering paid features piecemeal.

Utterly hopeless at the min, used now for many years and since I changed my email it’s been nothing but a nightmare, can’t get any info from them to get back in, even resorted to buying a new subscription and that doesn’t work either, not impress with it at all

  • As always J. Sorry for the delayed response. we sent an email regarding this issue already to you and ask that you check that you have not rejected permissions that enable the keyboard to function first

great keyboard I love t9. Been using since I remember android. I’m Portuguese I’ve got a problem when t9 is enabled: I can’t type very easy & very used words like “already” or “good” or “health”… And a few others. Even if I add them to the dictionary.. Why? here’s how they spell in Portuguese correspondingly: já bom saúde Please let me know if and how we do it with t9 enabled thanks&God bless final note: the “support” feature looks cool, however, it’s been 3weeks without reply, hence here

Am using this app from 6 yrs but from the past one month it’s become quite worse due to automatic update and the keyboard layout changes automatically and changing it is quite difficult

  • Hello, please if you could provide us with some information about the problems you are having via support@firsteapps.com it would help us fix these issues

best 3×4 on play store i love it hope it works out as i would love to keep it takes a bit of working out but just got to keep on trying to get it to work won’t save some of the words when you add them to dictionary

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