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Abercrombie and FitchWelcome to the Abercrombie and Fitch App! Shop the latest Men’s, Women’s, and Kids’ looks effortlessly!

It’s All-American style at your fingertips. Our App is just one more way you can be a part of the Abercrombie and Fitch lifestyle. Shop the latest Abercrombie and Fitch trends and new arrivals, plus check out our fashion inspiration and styling to see how to put together the perfect look.

What’s Included:

GIFT CARDS: Need a gift now? Not a problem – we’ve made gifting even easier.

EXPLORE: Shop new A&F sales and exclusive promotions.

NEW ARRIVALS: Shop all the latest Men’s, Women’s, and kids’ styles and stay up to date with A&F.

SAVES: As you shop, tap the hearts on your favorite clothes and outfits to save them in your own Saves section for later. Login to sync your Saves across all of your devices so you can shop your top picks wherever and whenever you want!

DEALS: Find out about upcoming sales, events, and promotions with our friendly push messages.

PLAYLISTS: Listen to our in-store playlist through the app while you shop the latest styles.

SCAN TO SHIP: Don’t have your size in store? Scan an item using the app and have it shipped free to your store. Just select Pick Up in Store in Checkout.

PRODUCT REVIEWS: Find out what others are saying. Scan items in-store for quick details and reviews.

Receive Exclusive Promos For App Users
Buy Online, Then Pick-Up In-Store

Abercrombie and Fitch user reviews :

Constantly losing my favourites and not able to log in as easily as the one via Google. There are other features that are v good like seeing my orders.

One thing that I don’t like about this app is how everything in the wishlist expires after a 60 days. Sometimes I like to save things for longer period of time.

The app has major issues right now. When opened it basically states that A&F are working on app updates so you can’t shop but it’s been like this for probably almost a week. Even if it is true and not a malfunction why would you do tech work on your app or website during the holidays when you’re trying to make money.

Not glitchy like other apps which is refreshing! Convenient, easy to navigate and search. Fun smooth store app. I appreciate being able to shop without freezing screens or apps shutting down. Thanks Abercrombie

Y’all need to update your app. I have never used an app with more technical difficulties, ever. It takes forever to load, half the time. It doesn’t update my cart or it will update the cart incorrectly. It won’t load information. It will randomly kick you off. It’s horrible.

Never had a problem with the app but with the recent update- the app just doesn’t work anymore even if I try and reinstall the app. I lost count how long the app doesn’t even open anymore.

I have to reset my password every single time I open this app because it won’t update to the next version.

I love everything about this app, the store, and the way they run their business, recommend everybody to download it and use it! -!Nathan

Amazing app, being a member actually helps for once too, and makes buying/returning things really really smooth

Buggy and laggy. The screen freezes often when I try to select color options for clothing, go into another screen, check out, etc. It makes this app extremely frustrating to use. I also wish that the app showed when a size and color has less than 5 in stock, just like the desktop version does. This app does make shopping convenient, but it has a lot of room for improvement.

Y’all need to have a way to report a bug other than going to the play store. Anyway, to reproduce the bug I’m seeing: 1. Try to navigate to an item where most sizes and styles are sold out. 2. Select a size and style where almost everything else is sold. For example I have selected xxs, tall, black. This particular size, and height selection is not avaliable in any other color and therefore it will not let me go through my other options. Easy fix: have a reset button.

  • Thanks for the suggestion and we’d like to look into this! Please send the details to app-feedback[at]abercrombie.com with the subject line ‘App Errors’.

It’s a good app, easy to navigate and shop and placing orders is no problem at all. The biggest problem with the whole experience, much like Hollister, is the pathetically slow delivery. I’ve had clothes from America come more quickly. It takes over a week to get anything which you wouldn’t mind if the delivery was free. But it’s a fiver. What service are they using that costs £5 and takes a week? Even second class post is quicker than that.

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