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[App] aCar – Car Management, Mileage

aCar  aCar has been downloaded over ONE MILLION times

Log activities, manage and keep track of your vehicles: Fillups, Fuel Mileage (a.k.a. Gas Mileage or Fuel Economy), Maintenance, Services, Expenses, Trips, Accidents and Notes

You can keep records of your cars, trucks or even your bikes; and have all of them under control.


Backup your data on cloud, synchronize your data across multiple devices and with website, and access them everywhere.
Ability to sync with iOS devices when using Gas Cubby by Fuelly (and an iOS device)
Very clean, modern and user-friendly interface.
Very easy and painless data entry.
Support for recording fill-ups, services, expenses and trips (business, personal, etc).
Support for logging the specification of your vehicle parts.
Gas mileage (a.k.a. fuel economy or fuel mileage) calculation with multiple units support: MPG, gal/100mi, mi/L, km/gal, L/100km, km/L
Support for accident records, purchase/selling records and general notes for vehicles.
Support for vehicle level units. You might track a vehicle in kilometers and another one in miles at the same time. Likewise, one in gallons and another in liters.
Support for adding profile pictures to your vehicles.
Better classification of your vehicles and there are support for a wide range of cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV/UTV, snowmobiles, etc.
An enhanced reminders system which provides you the option either to create standalone reminders or to auto-create them after entering a service record.
Multiple vehicles support.
Powerful searching and filtering.
Thorough statistics for your vehicle.
Time and mileage based service reminders: Engine Oil, Air Filter, etc
Geographical location (GPS) support.
Social support, and sharing activities on Facebook and Twitter.
Ability to automatically backup data monthly
Move to SD-Card support (Android 2.2 and later).
Sharing statistical charts on Facebook and Twitter.
Localized and translated into: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Slovak. More to come…
Quick access to the most important information by home screen widgets: Console, Service Reminders, Predictions, Fuel Efficiency and Fuel Price.
Home screen shortcuts: New FillUp, New Service, New Expense and New Trip.
Full-screen charts for visualizing fill-ups, services, expenses and trips.
Data import from various mobile apps: Auto 3in1, AutoMobile, Car Care, FuelLog, Gas Cubby, Mileage, MPG, My Cars, Road Trip, TealAuto, Trip Cubby, Trip and Trip Deluxe, Vehicle Manager
Data import from various websites:,,,
Manual and more frequent automatic data backups.
Export records to Excel compatible CSV and browser viewable HTML formats.
Export statistics to Excel compatible CSV and browser viewable HTML formats.
Importing more CSV data formats from website.

Add Photos and PDF’s to your records


Bugs? Issues? Contact us from inside the app! Don’t post the bugs here!
Questions? Read FAQ! Contact us if needed.
Need more info? Refer to website!

aCar user reviews :

This is what software should be. Excellent, except for the fact that you can’t export & import records, and you can’t customize the fields in the fuel up records. I don’t use all of them and I’d like to be able to get rid of the clutter of fields I don’t use.

The only app you need First off, go pro. It’s a very small price to pay for what you get and the app maker is certainly deserving of the donation! I have been using this for years and it continues to get better yet maintains its ease of use. Excellent records keeping.

Great program but no import on HTC One I have switched to a HTC One and cannot import my data despite it being in the correct place on the emulated micro as card drive. ZoneWalker have not responded to my email about this. I can’t transfer any data making the app almost useless on my new phone.

Nice Overall great. I have been using it for a year to track 2 cars. Add web access for 5 stars.

1 of best Android Apps Early on I was looking for an app to manage visibility for all my (many) vehicles activity. I was an early adopter to this product and HIGHLY ENDORSE it as one of the best Android apps…EVER. If you have a vehicle(s)…you need this app. Pop for the Pro version/unlocker, you’ll love the ease of use and data retrieval functions.

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