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[Game] Addiction Solitaire

Addiction Solitaire  Addiction Solitaire is a fast-paced game of Solitaire that’s one part brain teaser puzzle game, one part classic card game.

Solitaire card game lovers and strategy gamers alike will be addicted to the challenging brain teaser puzzles in this classic card game.

This new brain teaser puzzle card game is a variation of the classic patience card game and is often called AddictionSolitaire, Gaps Solitaire, or Addictive Solitaire. If you love traditional Klondike Solitaire, or if you love strategy card games like poker or blackjack, you’ll love this new take on the classic card game genre!

AddictionSolitaire has the same fun card game strategy you’ve come to expect from the makers of the #1 free Solitaire game, “Klondike Solitaire”! Download now, and experience a fun new twist on the classic card game you know and love with AddictionSolitaire.

The goal of AddictionSolitaire is to arrange all of the cards in sequential order from Ace to 6 in the same suit. A card can fill a blank position, but it must be greater in value and the same suit as the card to its left.


From the studio that made classic Solitaire free for your phone comes an all-new twist on the classic card game
Love Solitaire, poker or blackjack? You’ll flip for the free card games in AddictionSolitaire!
Arrange cards in sequential order from Ace to 6 in the same suit. Beat levels to win new titles!

Card puzzles: Each level is a unique brain teaser designed to challenge your Solitaire skills
Move cards into sequential order by suit to solve each brain teaser puzzle
Strategy is key! Each brain teaser is a unique puzzle – Use logic & strategy to win

Strategy, puzzles & card game brain teaser levels! Play this new twist on the classic card game, Klondike Solitaire, and test your strategy brain teaser skills. AddictionSolitaire by MobilityWare – Classic card game, brand new brain teaser gameplay.

MobilityWare makes the best card games, including the #1 Solitaire and Spider Solitaire games.

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AddictionSolitaire is created and supported by MobilityWare.

Addiction Solitaire user reviews :

Improvements needed! I like Mobility Ware card games a lot, manly because of the card animations at the end of the games (by the way, I dislike the people animations). I play regularly Addiction, Aces Up, Solitaire, Spider and Free Cell. Here are some much needed improvements: 1. Putting the buttons in the same place across all card games: I recommend the positioning of the Spider game. 2. Adding to the Statistics how many times I made it to the Top 10 (moves, time and score)

Love this card game, have played lots of card games thru the years, never one like this. Learning as I go, do love it even if I do get confused & frustrated at times. Love learning via the hints. Without the hints I might have deleted the game. No way would I do that now. Thanks

So far it’s frustrating. For some unknown reason, I can only put certain cards in the empty spots while solving. Even if the slot open is a 5♤ I can’t just put the 5♤ there. If your system is going to insist on choosing HOW I solve the game at least have the moves it is insisting on make sense. Or give us the option to turn off the help feature. And your How to Play section is literally 3 pictures with a brief statement under each. No explanation for why this is a thing. I’ll keep trying.
  • MobilityWare
  • Hi Corie, Thanks for your feedback. You can disable this feature in the game Settings by scrolling down and tapping “Gap Guides” to uncheck the box. This will remove the numerical clue next to the open card. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us through the in-game Support page if you have any additional questions so we can help!
The gameplay is quite good. I would probably play it fairly regularly if it weren’t for a 30 second ad after every single game. That is way too much. Every other game might be tolerable. I know the developers need to earn their money, but like me, many people will be uninstalling pretty soon when they get fed up of the ads.
  • MobilityWare
  • Hi David, thanks for the review. We appreciate your feedback! I’m sorry that you’re unhappy with the ads in the app. Ads should provide a close or skip option in the form of an “X”, fast forward “arrow” symbol, or something similar. If this option is missing or misbehaving for an ad you’re seeing, please Contact Us so we can fix it!

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Stability enhancements and bug fixes

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