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[Game] Against War

Against WarWorldwide PvP
Play against players from all over the world in real-time!

Siege Warfare
Take the enemy tower down and defeat their commander!

You can use siege hammers, trebuchets, siege towers, and other siege weapons that suits your strategy to destroy the enemy’s castles.
You can also send soldiers to climb up the walls and take out the enemy commander.
Try out various strategies!

Lower the morale of the enemy army and force them to retreat!

Manage the morale of your soldiers to win a battle.
Lower the morale of the enemy army while raising the morale of your army.
There are various ways to achieve that, such as destroying enemy troops or destroying their gates and walls.
Another way to manage morale is by using cards that has special talents and abilities which activates in their own conditions.
Find the strategy that works best for you!

Unique strategies for everyone
There are many ways to win a battle.
Try out your strategies by building your deck from over 100 different cards!

Against War supports four languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.
You can choose your preferred language in the game settings. We also provide translations in eight other languages, including French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian.

Application: Free
Some items require a fee.
Please make sure to read the Terms of Service before using this application.

System Requirements
Android: Android 8 or above

Against War user reviews :

Edit: after the recent 2 updates the game started crashing. I had given the game 2 stars on release because there was no way to progress without winning , and no way to win without spending. Now with the latest update that has changed, losing rewards you with resources albeit less than winning, so you can grind your way to victory eventually The game is very fun and easy to get into but has enough variety to make it intertaining. There are still some balancing issues specially between levels

This game is beautiful, it is unique, and it has the potential to grow. I like it a lot. Matches are nearly instantaneous. The art and sound are great. The gameplay rules are wonderful. So, why a one-star review? This game uses an earned in-game currency system to progress. You can only earn gold if you win. Matchmaking pins you up against far higher level players. It’s hard to win. There are AI challenges, but not enough silver on the map to move forward. I want to progress free before I spend.

There’s a problem if a player can’t beat the intermediate ai battle. I play the correct roles against the enemy troops, but they get smashed anyways? Theres little to no rewards unless you buy the pass and extras from the shop. This game is very basic and even compared to others like it it brings nothing new. It really is worse than other similar style games already on the market. I really tried to like it, it’s just bad and I dont think it can be fixed or is worth fixing. This isn’t fun.

It’s rough around the edges and I had to quit for a few weeks to see if got better. And it did. You can get level up material even if you lose and team behind it are listening to feedback. The adds and wait time are problems but you can look past it then you’ll enjoy it.

Would’ve been fine if they used a replenishable deployment resource like Soul of Eden did. Instead it’s cooldown based, which means it’s a waiting game because whoever deploys first gets countered, and morale goes downhill from there (Deployment “Wait Time” makes final defense forces as free kills). No login bonuses / any repeatable quests, it’s a grind. I could’ve overlooked the obvious P2W aspect, but on my second battle, I got matched with someone who had 81 battles prior. Wasted potential…

What are you thinking with that tutorial?! The most intrusive, bloated and annoying tutorial I have ever seen. Do not dim the screen. Do not have 12 pages if text in a portrait mode game. Do not make pirtrait mode games with such Ui schemes. Your game may be good, I couldnt tell as my screen was black except for the button to press ir some poirly animated prite helper.

Just purchased 2 troop cards x30 from store for silver coins didn’t get them, should fix this bug immediately, cause I kinda don’t want to play after losing so much silver to thin air as a beginner. The game is still pretty new, thought it was a beta release. Frame rate is pretty slow. Game gets intense however, some things are questionable like how your crossbow men shoot your troops in the back???? Ever heard of hold fire, cause i thought that was common sense. Games pretty new, solid 2 stars.

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