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[Game] Age of Frostfall

Age of Frostfall Winter is here, and with it have come the Unmelted, an unstoppable race of frozen monsters bent on exterminating all of humanity.

Only you and your city stand between them and global domination, but you don’t have to fight alone.

Raise a dragon, build up your city, train a battle-hardened army, recruit legendary heroes, forge unbreakable alliances with your friends, and you can rise to become king of these harsh lands!

As lord of your own city, you’ll need to become a master of strategy, leading your army across both vast battlefields and in intense, small-scale fights to save every last house under your domain.


Unique RTS Tower Defense: Command teams of specialized troops to stop waves of fearsome Unmelted soldiers. Will you have what it takes to protect your homeland?

Mighty Dragons: Raise and bond with a dragon! Treat your dragon well and this fearsome, mysterious creature will reward you in kind. Will your dragon swoop in to aid your troops on the battlefield or help you build your city to new heights? The choice is yours!

Immersive World: The hell of war has never looked this good! Beautifully rendered HD graphics and vivid, icy landscapes will make you feel like you’re right there, leading your troops into battle against terrifying foes.

Rise from Nothing: Build yourself up from a lowly commoner fighting for survival into king of all the realm! Make friends from around the world and unite with them in alliances to dominate your kingdom together! It’s a dangerous world out there, but if you play it smart, you can rule over all of it!

Age of Frostfall user reviews :

Good game so far (Stronghold 9) But I do have to say that the main screen is constantly cluttered with store purchases and upgrades they are trying to sell you It would be nice if all those notifications were just kept in a different tab Other than that it’s pretty cool so far. If it wasn’t for the quests, I wouldn’t be able to find anything. I do like that you can upgrade and raise your own dragon. Would be cool if it played a bigger role than just using him for a single shot of fire

Decent game, some of the graphics are really simple, bit the character portraits are very well done. It is similar to many games out there, but it does have some unique aspects. The base upgrades, at least so far, are linear, but you have to clear the base out, section by section. I am finding this to be very entertaining.

I’m kinda addicted! Tower defense-lite kingdom builder. Gameplay loop is diverse and not too difficult to grasp; there are a variety of activities to keep you engaged and wanting more. The game isn’t too challenging but demand some investment of time to keep advancing steadily. I just wish some mechanics were explored more, such as ruling over your kingdom with meaningful decisions.

It’s not tower defense, though. Yeah, plenty of what you see in the ads for the first ten minutes, then you find the over world map, and it becomes just like Last Fortress and similar games. If this game was JUST the tower defense and base recovery, I’d still be playing. However, there’s a reason I don’t play Last Fortress anymore, either.

So far the game is a typical base builder and resource management game with some cool tactical elements. The story I’d decent enough. It also has side quests where you go and fight monsters instead of other players. I’m really enjoying that aspect. The tactical combat mechanics are really smooth. We’ll see if they get money hungry as the game advances. Thus far, 4 stars.

I love this game compared to other popular strategy games. I love the explore aspect gives you other ways to get supplies. The Mini game does get boring after a while. The higher you level up my the harder it is to get resources needed to level up. Still one of my new favorite games. Don’t play if you don’t want to grind.

The gameplay is a mixed bag, and the voice-acting ranges from decent to wooden. The graphics are well done, however, and the story and world are entertaining. The price points for buy in provide some decent low-cost alternatives for those who want to support further development. Overall: worth it if you enjoy the fantasy genre.

Its a good game. The mini battles seem to take inspiration from the game Bad North if you’ve heard of it. The dragon raising is cool. Expanding the castle and revealing fog is probably my favorite part. The details and game style are very appealing. Beautiful artwork and cut scenes are gorgeous. Plot is very straightforward and easy to follow. So far at lvl 5, this game shows a lot of promise. I like it.

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Raise a dragon and fight off frozen hordes in this game of brutal strategy!

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