Age of Magic – Fight for the fate of their dying fantasy world

[Game] Age of Magic

Age of Magic  Join the epic war of the True Mages and fight for the fate of their dying fantasy world.

Collect and level-up legendary heroes to take them to fast-paced battles on stunning arenas. Kobolds, Elves, Demons, Angry Raccoon mages, Dragonkins, Ra’Archnes, Swamp Witches – dozens of characters await!

Darkness is descending upon the ruined remnants of the world floating in the void. Each night another light in the sky fades, devoured by the unstoppable demons of the Legion. Yet there is hope. The Dragon Prophecy says that one of the True Mages will enter the Dark Tower and choose the future of the universe. Might it be that you are that foretold chosen one?

Age of Magic FEATURES

STORY CAMPAIGNS. Delve into the world of Age of Magic, traveling with the powers of light and darkness. Meet legendary heroes, fight epic battles with unimaginable enemies. Learn the story of Roland the True Mage and his quest for the Dark Tower. Step into darkness and meet changeling assassin Sharazar, who will stop at nothing to get what he came for.

PVP. Gather the ultimate party of heroes and challenge other players in the PvP Arena every day. But that’s not all! Take part in the 24-hour Tournament each week – fight your way up to the top, win glory and epic rewards! The most valiant fighter will have it all!

LEGENDARY HEROES. Collect over 50+ epic heroes, level them up, gear them with powerful weapons and armour, upgrade their abilities and rarity. Try different strategies, create your unique combination of heroes to build the strongest party in the world!

FAST-PACED BATTLES. Take your party to quick yet tactical turn-based epic battles on breathtaking arenas, where visuals are stunning and your choices do matter!

AND MANY OTHER MODES. Tomb of Horrors and Valley of Treasures will test your limits as you battle powerful enemies who protect unique rewards, thematic events with mischievous characters who possess special abilities, and a variety of challenges to test your strength!

Age of Magic user reviews :

At first I thought this was gonna be another one of those lame browser based RPGs with a poorly thought out story and confusing plotline. However, this one seems to be pretty well thought out (so far). That and the good graphics and unique characters and monsters has made for a captivating game so far!

I loved this game. I played this constantly more 5 years ago. There seems to be a bug when connecting to the wifi. It says waiting for server even when connection is stable. I tried using my mobile hotspot, it worked fine. I hope this issue is fixed because this game is really fun. Good game but can’t connect using wifi. Wifi is stable and connects fine with other apps and games.
  • Playkot LTD
  • Hello! Please, try to use the different type of connection or WiFi spot. Please, feel free to contact our support team via ingame Help button or if the issue persists.

Immersing…! I love this game, quests are good, you can level up to a certain point without any purchases, after that it halts quite a lot since you can’t beat any quests unless you spend lots of energy on redoing the same old quests for the items needed to upgrade the champions. Would be nice having an option for increased energy regeneration either with ingame currency or one time real money purchase. Also widen the 2 hr window for energy gift pickup. Keep it up!

great game! edit: still amazing 3 months later but major bugs in latest update, we’ll see how quickly they fix them :( Edit2: Now the game won’t play after the latest update, lost a star Edit 3: fixed the problems, better than ever, star returned, even at Max lvl it still feels like character progression continues daily, love this game!!!
  • Playkot LTD
  • Thank you James! We appreaciate your feedback a lot!

The BestStrategy RPG so far!! Amazing artwork with HD graphics and also nice story..!! But the story animation seems to be boring.. Better if u put some movie in the scene.. And also i am stuck lvl here, cant farm, enemy to strong.. Pliss balance the game so i can playing further..

Is it something different and I’ve played a lot of rpg games , graphics are good characters are new and storyline is well played . Nice to see a different game than all the other build and battle games . Only downfall is the constant pay to play push notifications. But I understand have to keep the game going

Finally a great turn based RPG! Comparable to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes but fantasy. Capable story, gorgeous graphics. Very happy.

Latest Update :

New Hero: Flame
New Hero: Vilarr
New Squad: Perfect Balance
New ways to get rare heroes!
Free Calendar!

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