AI Doctor – Destroy all the viruses that make patients sick

[Game] AI Doctor – Casual Roguelike

AI DoctorIntroduction
Casual Roguelike Hack and Slash + Munchkin Medical Fantasy
K-web novel/webtoon A free mobile game created through IP collaboration

One day, while on a tour of Baruda, a medical artificial intelligence developed by the Taehwa Group, Soo-hyeok Lee, a first-year internal medicine resident, got caught up in an unknown explosion and became one with Baruda.

System reboot complete. A.I. Baruda activates.

From now on, the world’s best medical A.I. Shall we grow into the world’s strongest internal medicine doctor with Baruda?

Destroy all the viruses that make patients sick!
Play easily and simply with one hand anytime, anywhere!
Brilliant attack effects of various roguelike skill combinations are basic!
A cool action and a sense of impact that will blow away all the stress you don’t have!
Upgrade Baruda to become the world’s strongest physician by equipping and combining various equipment!

Various contents prepared for users who love the K-medicine fantasy genre
The original web novel accumulated 45 million downloads!

Original webtoon

web novel accumulated 33.71 million downloads, K-actor Joo Ji-hoon, the protagonist of Netflix’s , dramatization confirmed!


Web Novel Exclusively in Naver Series!

YouTube channel has 960,000 subscribers!

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AI Doctor user reviews :

Great to pass the time, I just wish there could be more variety in each level in the time limit or bosses! Update: Omg, after the update it looks even better! The new boss is hard but still beatable! My only gripe is there’s no buffer time between choosing a perk and resuming the game, and the controls would take a second to register, so I kept getting hit by shots I couldn’t dodge! After the first boss, the smaller enemies were spawning too crazily, one blink and you’d die by a hoard attack

I really like the game, especially that there’s a story to it:) I really hope, if they can, add a little map to show where you are at. I get really confused when fighting and keep losing where med packs are… Other than that everything it pretty nice, art and all.

This looks good! I like the premise (reminds me of a certain 80s movie, no spoilers), there’s actually a story, and the gameplay is certainly challenging but also really fun, and forgiving bc you can just keep trying, no lives system/pay to play. I like it.

i enjoy it alot so far! the gameplay can be a bit repetitive sometimes, but it’s good to just zone out and waste time. all ads are optional which is super great! im excited to see it grow and improve over time

This game is still really new. So you won’t find every little luxury you find in other roguelikes, yet. However, what is here is awesome. The story adds a reason to keep coming back. Little Baruda is so adorable, I just want to squish him like mochi! I also give bonus points to any game that lets me pay to remove ads from the game, and then you are able to get all ad rewards for free. I hope this game continues to be developed, it’s very polished for a new game and feels great to play!!

Loving this game! It’s a ton of fun. However, it makes my phone heat up something fierce. Is there a way to help with that?

Please keep the updates coming….so far I’m enjoying the game your Team has made, and look forward to what is to come….I hope your Team has a new update headed our way soon that is out of game content related looking forward to unlocking some of these locked sections…..keep up the good work.

Alright, but levels end far too soon to even see the special evolved weapons

  • Hello. Welcome to AI Doctor. Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback with us. We’d love to conduct an internal discussion regarding the issue. We will continue to do our best to have a good time with AI Doctor. Thank you for your patience and comprehension. Regards, Forest Island Support

I wish I had only bosses!

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