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Air Cruiser EliteHave you ever wanted to be a commander of a space fleet and lead your space team to fight against enemies to save the galaxy? Have you ever dreamed of flying through the hail of bullets without getting hurt?

Now, in ACE: Air Cruiser Elite, all this is possible! You will be facing a large number of enemies in hazardous environments. The classic shoot ’em up gameplay is combined with modernized Roguelike mechanics, providing the immersion you’ve never experienced before.

Come to rule the sky now!

Customize and upgrade the powerful fighters, build your own space team and challenge the epic bosses!
500+ levels with immersive missions to complete.
Hundreds of combat buffs. More than 27 skills can be randomly combined to create different combat experiences.
Upgrade your guns and lasers by merging them and increase your combat capabilities.
Ultra-high definition combat graphics, amazing lighting, and smooth shooting effects.
Enjoy the special seasonal events and different game modes!

Slide to control the fighter to dodge the enemy’s bullets.
Collect as many coins as possible to upgrade your weapons.
Combine additional features to unlock different strategies.

The game is now compatible with most devices, with good performance across all models. Enjoy the classic combat packed with action and be ready to face the attack of your enemies right now!

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Air Cruiser Elite user reviews :

Best Game, the items are cheap and easiying to buy. Easy to upgrade and fast to reach the highest grade. But, it is hard to win each chapter, every boss is too strong! I really need some help from game developer.

This game would get 5 stars if not for a few issues – 1. Up to 30 second ads at every single step, log in, select turrets, double rewards, die etc. I have never seen a game with so many ads. It completely destroys a great gameplay 2. No matter what level you reach in a chapter, you have to start from the beginning each time. This makes it very boring very quickly as you will almost never defeat the final boss on your first try 3. New feature needs stamina to play. Total cash grab. I quit.

Enjoy the game immensely. I’ve acquired many parts and a pilot without having to spend a single penny, which is good. Sadly there are way too many ads, and although optional, it’s almost necessary to watch for doubling rewards. Crashes now all of a sudden whenever I try to play the Shard collecting levels. A lot of potential in the game, but too many issues for a 5 star review, especially the crashing *UPDATE* Uninstalled

  • We appreciate your feedback about ACE. We want to build the best gameplay experience for players, and are continuing to improve the game. We would appreciate any additional feedback you might have. Please contact our support team via cs[at] and we will try our best to help you. Thank you!

Immensely fun game when it works. Enjoy playing stages and collecting gear but have reached a point where I can’t play the ship shard stages as it auto crashes just when going to the page. Not to mention issues where it freezes while loading other stages and it just eats your crystals if you had to pay any. Game absolutely needs some light fixes.

  • Your feedback on issues with the game is well received and will soon be passed on to the developers for further action. Thanks for telling us! We will try our best to make the gameplay better.

This is an amazing game! But it’s ruined by money making tactics, like the majority of mobile games now. When I got to level 10 in the second zone, the shot patterns seem impossible to pass. To try to make you buy the packages to boost up, something I won’t do. But I did manage to beat the 2nd to last boss, only for the game to “cliche” and kick me out. This has happened on the same boss 10 time that’s not a coincidence. And the final boss has shot patterns you can’t pass.

Awesome shmup game! Easy to learn and controls are very accurate! Graphics are sweet and the game is solid..

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