Alchemy – Can you find them all

[Game] Alchemy – Forge of Gods

Alchemy  Create new elements from six primary elements: air, earth, fire, water, darkness and light.

Use all open elements to create even more elements!

Use logic and imagination, some reactions are really tricky. Be ready for surprises.

Discover new collection cards! Can you find them all?

Enjoy this trip, act like a demiurge and

Key features:

Great graphics with interesting images.
Relaxing music for your entertainment.
Interactive hints – in case if you stuck.
More than 170 elements for you to discover – it’s just a start, we will add more later.
Collections – collect cards of 35 countries.

Planned features:
More elements so you can enjoy this game longer.
New collections – how about famous persons or mythical creatures? Propose your ideas in reviews!
Competitions with friends
New features, challenges and gameplay mechanics – let’s leave this as a surprise

Alchemy user reviews :

Pretty cool game, simple, not overly complex. Dont over think it, some things are just obvious once you figure it out. Only complaint, and new players are going to hate me for this, it’s really easy to just watch a thousand ads to get the stones and finish the game quick. I get competitive wanted to see how quick I could finish it. Answer 4 hrs tops. Also expected something to happen once you get all the collectables and elements. Looking forward to future updates.
  • Jolis
  • Thank you for your reply! It’s pretty wild situation, not too much replies with “lot of rewards” :) We will make new elements and game modes in next updates, we are a small team, but we can do it. Stay in touch and have a good day!

First, I have to tell you, Korea is not spelled with a ‘C’. But, I’ve only had the game for a couple of days & I’ve already unlocked everything including places & people. I thought after I got all 210 in the universe & 55 of the science, even though some combinations did not make sense, that the other 2 locked categories or at least 1 of them would open up but nope & now, until there’s an update, it’s an useless app on my phone. Bored now…

This game is awesome and their is less elements to discover. It also contains countries and famous personalities, which tells us about the person’s who contributed to our with everything they could give us and some are still contributing. It tells us which country is famous for but and but was the reason of famous personalities to really become famous. But when we are unable to make another element then this game become very enoing but this is the real challenge.

I absolutely love the interface. I’ve played a lot of alchemist games, and I’ve always hated the chaos and confusion. This one fixes every problem I’ve ever had with all the other games. It is very user friendly. Beautiful interface, organized tabs, and (BEST FEATURE EVER!) you can see your progress towards completion.

Love the two panels, makes combining things much more comfortable. I especially loved the funny combinations (like clouds for sheep). A bit of explanation would have been nice for some features (like what di the red and blue runes mean, what do the colors and stars mean on the collectible clouds) but these dont interfere with the playing of the game.

Honestly having more fun with this game than I thought! Couple of things though would make it better! One is I wish there was a codex so you can keep track of what you merged to get what. Two, sometimes I swear I tried one combination that didn’t work, only for it o work later on for some reason?

Fun. Challenging to a degree. Edit1: Would like to see future updates including 3 part formulas. Edit2: My old phone broke and lost game. Found this game again. Enjoying it as much as first time figuring out all my old formulas.
  • Jolis
  • Thank you. It’s a puzzle, it meant to be a bit challenging
The best of the bunch by far, the mixing alter makes accessing all the elements so much easier and adds are not intrusive however I believe in paying for quality so it’s well worth it for the price!
  • Jolis
  • Thank you!

Cool game, but having certain reactions in separate categories really slows game play down. If all reactions are in the same place, it would be easier to combine them.

So many of the combinations are unintuitive it takes forever to find even the simplest items without just trying everything, like the phone which is a brick plus the internet!
  • Jolis
  • Hey, all current phones now just a bricks with internet connection
I’ve played a lot of alchemy games in the past oh, but this one seems to be one of the best. It’s very easy to use and is extremely fun.
  • Jolis
  • Thank you, we love to hear that!

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