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All FootballOver 20 MILLION downloads in over 150 countries!

All Football is among the 10 most downloaded apps in more than 30 countries!

World Cup – The grandest football event is back after 4 years! Who’ll become the new world champions? Will Ronaldo or Messi complete dreams on their final World Cup tour? Join millions of fans of All Football to enjoy it now!

News Latest & comprehensive World Cup news, fixtures and full stats

MatchesAll 64 World Cup matches and other global games’ scores, analysis, and interviews

Funny Comments Follow the teams and players you love and wear their badges! Chat with other fans and you’ll find hilarious comments & pics in each article’s comment zone!

StatsCheck out all league tables, top scorers and other stats on All Football!
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All Football user reviews :

A well thoughtout way of organizing and presenting the myriads of football info. But it is unpolished work – eg: match results are shown under “tables”; there is no way to filter info; setting is woefully useless, and worst of all, in some areas, the font size is MINISCULE, making the info useless. A weirdo – in Google Play, this app is called ‘All football’. When installed, it is labelled as ‘365 football’ with a different icon on your computer.

Don’t know what’s happening, but I don’t receive notifications anymore for the teams I subscribed to. I was receiving “some” notifications before World Cup, but when the tournament started, I didn’t receive anything up until now and that’s annoying. I really love this app, so you guys should please fix the problem. Thanks.

Earlier this app was best for football information, I personally suggested a lot of people about this app. but in recent past, annoying add and embarrassing articles just covered the whole app. Too much of content. I want to know the match results, I don’t want to bet. Make a separate app for betting or make a light version of this app.

Ok am writing again if am reading new article and scrolling down it automatically scroll up again i can’t read the articles which are previously sent, because of this issue and someone complain it to me as well, update it and fixed it thank you. and the second thing is that you guys should work on the midnight articles as well because some people only have free time at midnight so during the day they can’t open the app because they’re busy….

I was using this app for last 4 years, am so happy and very exited to see all the match results/timings/stats and everything because all the leagues cups everything is there, actually I don’t want to go for any other app. But now there is no ISL, that’s why am started hating this app so only I am giving just 3 stars. Please fix the issue. It’s a request.

The app has issue in news section. Scrolling news around 10 seconds or just doing nothing in news the app stops responding. It happened after updating my Android system to 12 version.

It’s the best App for football information,But after updating the new version doesn’t show the scores and ratings of players Exmple (8.9*) (9.2*)(6.8)I don’t know why lost. We should know which player play match best

It’s good overall though there are some ads in it it doesn’t really disturb I think a dark mode would be nice cause when I wake up and want to see notifications it is too bright

Honestly, this is the best football news and scores App i have ever seen. The app is good sincerely speaking. All the information you neede about a club or players, coach, line-ups. Its the best for me.

Over the years this app has lost its true meaning to report factual football that matters. My previous review said articles are questionable, articles are now just chasing sensationalism. This is not the tabloids, stick to football.

I will like to recommend that if you guys can add some live matches to it. Example like your favorite team you will choose and watch their match. By registration

I have hate this app because it shows complete details of all the clubs in Asia, Europe, and America but it can’t even show my Nigeria professional league line ups and match details

If anyone is thinking of updating the app, don’t do it. Because there are too many advertisement after the update. I should have kept running the old verson without updating.

professional football site, yet in the past it was better than now as now there is issue with Bell notification of team following, when you follow teams there will be no notification appearing. Try to fix that bug, thanks.

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