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We are happy to see you, dear student. Our establishment, while new, offers much to those choosing to enroll. Here are but a few things that you can experience at the All Gods Academy:

Some may even call our teaching style adventurous, or recklessly endangering. To that, we say that life should have some spice.

Our staff is comprised of the best of the best. Learn Mana Conversion from Yaga Irontooth, and put your skills to the test in expeditions led by Sun Wukong.

Unlike certain other educational institutes, we do not discourage romantic (or any other) relationships among students. Moreover, we believe that the bonds one forms during their studies can last millennia.

There are more worlds than we can possibly count. There’s a place for anything at the All Gods Academy.

Enjoy your time with us!

All Gods Academy user reviews :

So far so good! There are many things I liked about the first two chapters. Story is engaging, sounds/music is pleasant, and the art is stellar. The characters seem intriguing too. The only two major things I don’t like: it takes 7 hours to get more keys, I would knock it down a bit (perhaps 4 or 5). I don’t like how watching the 3 adds only gets you 3 gems per add, I think it should at least be 6, or at most 10. I do love this story though, so please keep adding to and improving the game

So far I really enjoy this story! The characters are unique and the plot has me intrigued. I like the character alignment system and looking forward to seeing what it actually affects. There are ads to watch to earn gems 3x a day, which gives a fairly generous amount of free gems. The keys also unlock at a reasonable wait time for free story content. Also, I had to back out of a story midway and was scared I would need to spend another key, but there was a continue option. So far so good!

The concept is really interesting and it’s one that you don’t often see portrayed very well within media. The characters and game in general both have a great style and design, its all very pleasing to look at. The store prices for extra passes and crystals are reasonable. The free choices are favorable aswell and dont force you to spend all of your money on the paid ones. I really enjoyed the feature of different pronoun sets. Can’t wait to see more!

I started playing this game yesterday and found it really interesting. The time to unlock keys while a little slow isn’t unreasonable, and it’s not extremely difficult to get gems for special options, and the other options outside of the special ones aren’t bad. I’m excited to see what your world view aligment will effect, and i can’t wait to see the other features of the game that will come out later. So far, it seems really interesting and promising! Highly recommend it.

I’ve read two chapters so far. It was very enjoyable and I’m excited to read more. I like that the playable character doesn’t have to be a girl. Very good choice to allow for a mix of appearances and pronouns! I find the Worldview section interesting and I’m excited to see how mine changes throughout the story.

I like it, it looks really nice =) and thought through. It might be fun to add the ability for players to rename their character if they wish. I can imagine it is a lot more involved to create numerous eye colors, traits, and clothing for the main character we play, but, perhaps some options for hairdos? To me this could help it feel a lil more personal. As of now, the character I am playing feels detached from the journey I’m beginning at the school.

The game is really good, the characters seem real, the story is interesting, and the character designs are good as well. I also like the mythological element. Just a few changes need to be made. Maybe make it 5 keys instead of 2? Or give the option to watch ads for more keys. Thats really the only problem for me, its really enjoyable otherwise :) Edit: When does chapter 5 start?? I am getting impatient

The graphics are exemplary, the music is pleasant, the storyline is intriguing. Honestly the only ‘bugs’ I came across so far are peoples names being mixed up occasionally, and some minor grammatical mistakes popping up now and then. I do wish the keys used to unlock each chapter didn’t take over an hour to regenerate (I think it takes 8 hours).

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