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Amazing Interior The interior of your home is a reflection of who you are as a person.

Play Home Design: Amazing Interiors today- an offline home design game that allows you to create unique, custom interiors with extraordinary exteriors. Each new episode features a new interior or exterior design and different HGTV like clients: brothers, celebrities, families with kids, and the newlyweds. Go all-out and give a masterclass to make their home interiors memorable. Improve your home design skills and master makeovers by creating visually stunning rooms with access to high-end furniture from Pinterest.

Indulge in your hobby by following a creative home design masterclass with furniture from Pinterest
Construct and renovate houses, and follow the process throughout the remodel
Build rooms from scratch with most trending furniture
Discover your artistic ability by making creative choices for your property
Learn about inspiring, vibrant architecture
Learn how to find your style, how to work with pattern and how to use lighting

Let’s get into the mystery of design, so you feel confident and can make incredible decisions and make beautiful home design. Stay curious, take risks and beautiful things will happen!

Home Design: Amazing Interiors is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. Enjoying Home Design: Paradise Life? Learn more about the game!



Amazing Interior user reviews :

Really fun game!Match three puzzles aren’t too hard and the graphics are great!The furniture and decor is beautiful and some of it is free just by watching ads and boosters also and I like the way every client has a story to tell and how they enjoy the final outcome also theirs alot to decorate Cook Apps have the best home decor games! Thanks so much!

I really dislike match 3 games and their lack of originality. I was looking for a design game and didn’t see this one was match 3. You have 3 styles to choose from and they are different, but they do not cross over well.

It’s fun until the levels get so hard they seem impossible. It’s not fun when you have to redo the same level over and over and over just to make a tiny bit of progress (passing the “hard” levels doesn’t even earn you extra money). The fun part of the game is designing the interiors, you can find the bubble connector games literally anywhere. At least consider making a casual player option for those who just want to play the game. I got so annoyed I uninstalled it it’s not worth the frustration

It’s fun, however there’s way too many ads. A lot of times when I back out of the ad, it takes me to the play store or turns black then I have to restart the game all over. Now when I try to play, it’s showing the home screen & shows loading but won’t do anything else. I don’t want to pay real money on a game, but when I try to go back, it skulls take me back. Fix the bugs because now it won’t let me play so all & whenever I do, I don’t want to have to keep restarting. I’m about to uninstall.

This is a great game and easy to continue on without having to spend money, but it freezes after you get so far and it won’t load anymore. I made it to the casino design, but now it’s freezing constantly and won’t load to play. Update: finally got it working again and made it past level 400. My issue now is you have to repeat so many designs in order to unlock new designs. I don’t like repeating something I’ve already done. It get bored with repeats.

Decent match-3 puzzle game slightly more centered on decor than some others (i.e, home and garden scapes). However, cost of decorations gradually increases while the amount of coins earned per game stays the same….which kind of defeats the purpose of a “home design” app. Also, very limited options for decorations, so if your looking for a creative outlet or a way to play around with interior design concepts, this is definitely not it.

I LOVE this game & all the interior design games from this company! My 1 complaint & the reason I didn’t do 5 stars is bc if you have multiple items in the same area once youve picked both items you cant change it to a different color bc when you try to click on it will only let you click on the item thats close to it.. For example if I choose the color of the wall and theres a painting on the wall if I try to go back & change the wall it only lets me change the painting in front of it.

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