AmbientTime Live Wallpaper – Smoothly animating objects

[App] AmbientTime Live Wallpaper

AmbientTime Live WallpaperA cool Live Wallpaper released by Sony Mobile Communications.

AmbientTime Live Wallpaper is a Live Wallpaper which consist of easy-to-see time expression and smoothly animating objects.

*This application may not work normally on after Android5.0.

AmbientTime Live Wallpaper user reviews :

I am using android 9! Needs an update but works on XZ premium. I don’t get why you update apps like lifelog when it’s broken, doesn’t sync and is completely incompatible with all devices (unless you can summon the swr12). Seriously feel let down by Sony having been a customer since the Sony erricson walkman phones, Sony has let their standards down in every field these days from playstation to their phones and other devices. I refuse to buy another Sony device until improvements are made.

I wish Sony would update this Live Wallpaper so that I could change the position of the time and date on the screen. If Sony puts an HD version of this with the implementation I want, that would really make my year.

I loved this wallpaper for years, but since Android 8 the app says it’s incompatible with all of my devices. It’s a shame that this will be forgotten.

This app reminds me of the Cosmic flow wallpaper during the Jellybeans. Please update this app and add more features.

Lightweight, has a clock included, so it is a widget less on your screen. Wonderful in Moto E 1st Gen.

This is my favourite live wallpaper. Simple and pure. Amazed it is still working on android 9.0

Can this be updated, please, by removing the glow uptop and improving the framerate to match the modern Xperia™ 1 Mark II oled?

Provides with that authentic Xperia skin from previous generations. Bring the cosmic flow live wallpaper back.

terrified, never met this live wallpaper before…such a hidden gem

Nice, works properly on my device

This is such an underrated lwp. I love it. Especially on amoled

I’ll love this wallpaper always no matter what

Best live wallpaper on my andro 4.3 Xperia M. I wish Sony will make some change on the clock position, maybe we can move the clock up or down… and make more smooth fluid ambient Con: I think sometimes the motions of the fluid ambient got a little lagged

It would be perfect with a clock position setting, an option to use with daydream, and most importantly, ability to use in lockscreen.

This is the most power efficient most beautiful simplest elegant-est lol live wallpaper I’ve wanted and looked for for years. Yep, I’m a simple elegant guy, lol, I love it! It’s very efficient and fair to battery more so than most. Highly recommend it. Also above all, it’s not one od those that requires your credit card and gazillion permissions, zero in fact, just install and love it! Thank You! P. S. Omg this IS by Sony! I was looking for PS3 live Wallie and long and behold! Epic! Didn’t realise it! No wonder it’s of such high quality! Thanksssss!!!

Very beautiful and useful. But takes a big space from the RAM to run. And let us choose the colors and the moving speed.

Discovered this while looking for a replacement for cosmic waves which doesnt work on my new phone. It’s pretty neat, free… but I’d gladly pay for more design behaviors, color options and stuff.

Just lacks an option to move the clock’s position and also adjust the font of the texts. Lots of potential and I’m hoping for more improvements.

Works great on my Samsung S4. Elegant and no fuss. No ads and no permissions needed. Highly recommended.

Nice smooth and no special permissions required. Works perfect. Haven’t noticed any effect on battery life

Really sharp. A black outline around the white numbers in the time would help with legibility. Kind of hard to see the digits sometimes

This live wallpaper reminds me my first device sony ericson w580 :D! Ok lets get back to improvement suggestion- animation is not so fluid and sometimes it feels like animation is laggy.

You should add option to move clock to TOP or MIDDLE or BOTTOM and this will be best. And add some contrast to text, sometimes background is same color as clock text and make them less readable.

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