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[Game] Amikin Survival – Anime RPG

Amikin SurvivalDive into a world of discovery and magic in ‘Amikin Survival,’ a blend of strategy, survival, and RPG adventures. Hunt, craft, and battle alongside cute monsters in your quest to become a champion. Build and evolve in an open-world game filled with stories, quests, and memes. Start your survivor’s journey today!

Amikin Allies: Collect ‘Em All!

Adventure into the wilderness on a hunt for Amikins, mystical creatures with unmatched powers and endearing personalities. These faithful companions are essential to your survival and success, offering a blend of fun, strategy, and unexpected friendships that add color to your quest. Assemble your unique team and prepare for a journey filled with adventure games excitement and anime charm.

Home Base Haven: Automate with Magic!

Transform your base from a mere shelter into a magical command center where your Amikins take charge. Their unique abilities simplify building and automating tasks, infusing daily life with a touch of magic and the ingenuity of building games. Witness your base evolve into a lively hub, all thanks to the innovative spirit of your Amikin allies.

Power-Up Parade: Merge & Breed!

Tap into the evolution and growth of your Amikins by merging similar kinds to bolster their abilities, and breeding them to inherit top-tier traits. This strategic enhancement ensures your squad is battle-ready, elevating every Amikin to champion status. Engage in this rewarding process, drawing inspiration from the best RPG games.

Epic Explorations: Fantasy Meets Sci-Fi!

Set off on a grand exploration across ‘Amikin Survival’s expansive world, where secrets await and a unique blend of fantasy and sci-fi thrives. Arriving from another realm, you introduce a mix of technology and magic into this land, creating gameplay rich with discovery akin to the most immersive open-world games and adventure games.

Meme Magic: Laughter Guaranteed!

‘Amikin Survival’ blends the cuteness and whimsy of anime with the strategic depth of RPG games, all while packing a punch of humor with its meme magic. Revel in light-hearted adventures and chuckles over nods to popular culture, making your journey one filled with laughter and joy.

Are You Ready for an Unforgettable Adventure?

‘Amikin Survival’ calls to you, marrying the excitement of anime games, the depth of strategy games, and the charm of building games in a magical setting. Build your base, expand your Amikin team, and explore a realm brimming with daily discoveries. Download now and commence your legendary journey filled with magic, challenges, and the warmth of companionship. Your saga in the world of ‘Amikin Survival’ starts today!

Amikin Survival user reviews :

The game is good and the concept is amazing, but it can be better. There are no options for farming; it would be better if you could farm berries, healing herbs, and fibers yourself. The main problem is that metal scraps are very hard to collect. Although in the beginning, you can get a lot of them from spaceship junk, after that, there are not any good ways to collect them. The only way is roaming all the islands and finding them laying around, which is very tiring and time-consuming.

There’s not a lot of inventory space and the bag expansion is pretty costly considering how little it actually expands. The first 10 minutes or so of playing, resources appear abundant. But very quickly, you find that you’re struggling to find a particular resource or two, and are left blindly running around the map trying to find it, bc there’s no hint or specific spot that those resources are found (in particular: stone). Battle is eh since u just stand there holding attack button.

It has potential. It looks like it could be fun, but right now (level 10) it is such a huge struggle for resources there is little time to actually enjoy the world. Some of the resource nodes are level gated too, at insanely high levels. The limited resources are seriously a huge issue I have here. Even the pets stop working without food. Fix this and I’d easily give 5 stars. A little better storyline would be good too.

As soon as I saw this game from ads, I knew I would love this, and I did. Suggestion to add are ways to train creatures, and gathering resources is difficult because, even if there are resource yards, the amount of requirements for crafting are ridiculous, as well as ranking up creatures. Creatures cannot even gather efficiently and I always run out of stock of more things than one. But overall, this game is absolutely amazing. Still 5 stars.

The game is quite enjoyable, but I’ve encountered a significant issue with resource spawning. After cutting down trees or mining rocks, the materials don’t seem to reappear, or if they do, the respawn rate is extremely slow. This makes the game more challenging than it should be. Additionally, since the game was just released, there isn’t much information available on where to find materials, which adds to the difficulty. Addressing these issues would greatly enhance the overall experience.

First map does not respawn. Not sure if this is intentional. Other maps have respawn but it takes a while to build armor and survive high level maps. Backpack can be destroyed on death. that $10 you spent? Gone. Forever. Rare versions only have like 1-3 extra stat points. If you could set to aggressive that would help a lot. The $2 newbie pack with zappy is a must have. Do not let it go. Game needs some more polish. Otherwise skip.

I’ve put about an hour in, so I don’t have a whole lot of experience yet but already some disappointments. First thing I noticed was that I couldn’t make or choose a female player, next up was the pay for progression being pushed pretty early already, I get that devs need & absolutely should be paid, but $10 for 10 inventory slots? Bit steep, eh? Regardless, its got beautiful animations, runs smoothly and its fun to play so far.

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