Ancient Saga – Restore peace to the world and Valhalla

[Game] Ancient Saga – Vikings Puzzle

Ancient SagaImmerse yourself in a Puzzle game with Vikings and ancient journeys. Become part of the Viking ranks and embark on a thrilling puzzle adventure across mystical lands, brimming with tales from the old world of clans.

Your puzzle journey begins in Ancient Greece where you assist Thor and Hercules’ daughter in their daring mission to save Midgard and Valhalla from the impending doom cast by the gargantuan wolf, Fenrir. Traverse through this ancient land to unravel Fenrir’s past, the source of his insurmountable anger, and his motive to destroy Midgard and Valhalla.

Not only does this puzzle involve epic Viking battles, but it also challenges your intellect through myriad puzzle games, each one designed by the Gods themselves. As you solve these ancient puzzles, you prove your worth among the Vikings, and rise in their esteem. These puzzles aren’t mere diversions, but integral parts of your journey as you aid the Vikings in their epic quest to restore peace to the world and Valhalla.

Each journey you embark upon, each puzzle you solve, and each battle you fight, adds to the unfolding Viking saga, tying you deeper into the wars of the clans that define the Viking era. You will feel the rise of the Vikings as they navigate their storied history, struggle against formidable foes, and seek to etch their name in the annals of Valhalla.

This enthralling game is not just a test of your intellect, but a dive into the heart of ancient Viking lore. With extraordinary journeys to undertake, intricate puzzles to solve, and a thrilling world of Vikings and Valhalla to explore, you have the chance to lead the Vikings to victory and ascend to the glory of Valhalla. The destiny of the Vikings is in your hands.

Ancient Saga user reviews :

Great game only issue is I am unable to get the last star on the bonus level in the first world. I have tried several different ways to complete this level but it always finishes right after the first start fades. Players can’t extend time and while there are power ups, by the time you get to the last building all power ups are gone and you will always lose the first star.

  • Hi there! We apologize for the unfortunate experience you had in the game. Our developers will do their best to solve the issue.

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