Deadbotz 3 – Destroy cyborgs and mechbots

[Game] ANGRY BOTS changed to Deadbotz 3 Mute Winter

Deadbotz 3multiplayer offline / internet wifi pvp third person shooter game: Battle robot and cyborg divisions in the snow filled city

Collect: fireballs, health, credit and weapons: pulse rifle, machine gun, sniper rifle.

Single or PVP multiplayer mode over local WiFi and Internet

How to play Singleplay

Destroy cyborgs and mechbots. Collect medical-packs to increase your health. Collect rockets for extra damage.

Use left thumb on the left joypad to move John, use right thumb on the right joypad to make John fire in that direction when pressing one of the two weapon buttons. Don’t forget to unholster your weapon first.

New! How to play PVP Multiplayer (Internet)
Press the ‘Multiplay’ button in the main menu to connect to the global internet play server. The ultimate DeadBotz challenge!

Shoot other players and collect their kill reward to gain credits.
Pickup weapons hidden around the city. You will need enough credits to pay for them.

Local Multiplay PVP over WiFi
Find the server players IP address from Android Cog menu
Server player selects Configure then Server then City Level
Client players select configure then Server IP then enter the server players IP then select multiplay

hot tip: you can play local multiplay with your friends anywhere by using the Android Hotspot feature on an Android phone.

Deadbotz 3 user reviews :

Ko ni chu wa sensei…. Hey user i ask you about .how to join your friends in these game??i click multiplayer enden searching opponent friend not unable connect in my own game why? Thank for you to answer my question!!

  • Ko ni chi wa.. If you want a private game you need to run a server and be on the same WiFi network as your friend. Your friend needs to type your IP into the configuration screen under server ip. Please send an email to anjingames[at] if you are still having problems. Happy gaming

I would have given 5 but bad bad controls! try to fix it please

  • This review has been flagged as a fake review please email anjingames[at] if you are a real DeadBotz user and we will work on your issue.

Bad game controller is not working perfectly and not editing

  • Hi which Game Controller are you using? Please contact us at anjingames[at] and we would be happy to work through any issues. Please note that we only support Gamepads which are Android compatible.

If you could make the screen swipe it would be good

  • Hi can you please explain what you mean. Don’t forget Deadbotz has 6 degrees of movement. Maybe try using a gamepad?

It is a very good game but work on the controls

  • Thanks can you please contact anjingames[at] and we will help you.

it is a very nice game and i play it daily with my cousins and I think i am addicted

  • Hi Balaji, thanks for playing DeadBotz 3. Have you tried the new VR beta?

I love this game but the controls is not good

  • Hi, We would like to help. What aspect of the controls are you having trouble with? You can also uses an Android compatible gamepad if you want to get the full console experience. You can also email support at anjingames[at]

I like this game and I play everywhere anytime with my all friends

  • Thanks for playing Deadbotz

nice graphic…. but till its hard to control hope you guys will fix that

  • Deadbotz3 is no longer available in your country. How are you able to download this game? VPN?

Belated Update: I recommend this game to anyone who’s a fan of third person shooters and ask you to try it for yourself and I’d like to say thank you to the devs for their active engagement with their community and continually working on the game. Turns out I can run the game alright for the most part but large areas seem to cause it to lag but somebody’s already made the point of reducing draw distance. The game handles alright but aiming and movement feel a bit off. Besides those two points the game seems like it has potential. I hope the developers keep at it and hope to see what comes of this project, Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Ultimate8Bit. Thank you for your comments and playing DeadBotz

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