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File ToolsFile Tools is a collection of tools to perform batch operations on files/folders. It has following options:

1.Batch File Renamer
2.Batch Image Resizer
3.File Searcher
4.Duplicate File Finder
7.File Content Searcher

I’m developing this application on my Free Time.If you find any bugs, please let me know through the feedback menu in the application. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.Please don’t rate bad in the Play Store review section.

File Renamer:
This tool will help you to rename a batch of files. It consists of the following features:
1.Custom Text
4.Find & Replace
5.Remove Chars
6.Batch rename folders

Batch Image Resizer:
This tool will help you to resize the batch of images files to the desired size. Also you can use this tool to convert the image format between JPG and PNG.

File Finder:
This tool will help you to find the particular files saved on your storage with the following features:
1.Match Case.
2.Start Search from particular folder.
3.Search for either folder or files.

Duplicate Finder:
This tool will help you to find duplicate files on your internal storage or external storage.It has the following features:

1.Search by Bytes (Exact Match)
2.Search by Names (Faster)
3.Easy to delete duplicate files.

Create a ZIP archive of multiple files from different folders.

Split the file into a number of files.So you can share easily through Mails or other cloud drive..

File Content Searcher:
Search for particular text in the group for selected files/folder.


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File Tools user reviews :

App is great! Use to batch rename files. Saved me a lot of time. Only issue now is I can’t connect to USB storage. Get error stating file count does not match. Happens on both Samsung S9+ and Tab A. Installed latest update to both. Worked awesome on S9+ but still getting same error on Tab A. Tab A has Android version 11. Really like to find a solution to this issue. I have a ton of files on USB drive that need renaming. Thank You! 1 Month = No Response 3 Month+ = No Response Email = No Response

seems useful but developper ,can you add a feature or ability to replace multiple images from single image with keeping their names? for example ,, I have multiple textures with different types :( road textures, sand textures , building textures )…, etc , I want to replace all these textures from a single texture (grass texture for example) so all the textures remain the same grass texture with keeping the original texture name when exporting them.

Takes a bit of getting used to, but works as promised. Finally a built-in file explorer that works! The total positive experience was completely ruined by the gazillion ads that kept popping up at every screen tap… yuck! I don’t mind an ad or two, but this really is too much!

  • Sorry for the inconvenience. I have configured the app to show ads at every 3 mins but not at every tap. You can remove the ads by purchasing pro version. Thanks.

Does not work. I tried to bulk rename files on my SD card. I granted rights to app for accessing SD card, but when I try to open the folder on the SD card, a spinner appears for a minute, then I lost patience and exited and tried again with same result. Showing the 5 subfolders of a folder should not take that long. There are no other files in that folder.

  • Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Can you elaborate the issue and send mail to support[at] Especially I need how did you set the external storage in full details? Thanks

Batch renamer’s option “Add Numbers” will not proceed to the preview view, but instead flashes the message “Some fields are empty” at the bottom. I have filled in all the fields (even the optional ones) and I still get the same message. Thus the Add Numbers option isn’t working for me. Using a Samsung Note9 phone.

  • Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you elaborate the issue so i can help you. Thanks.

Instead of *Save* button please add *Preview* button inside all the rules (like it was in all the previous versions) and from there we can Save/Add the rule. And in latest version (6.6.1) the preview button in the menu from which we add rules is good so please don’t remove it in the process. It helps people be double sure of what they are doing.

  • Thanks for your suggestion. I got your first point. Instead of Save button in the rule activity, preview button should be there. I didn’t get your 2nd point. Can you explain little bit? I didn’t add any new feature in 6.6.1. Only bug fixes are there. If you want, you can use feedback form in the application.

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