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Fast RebootOver time, your Android phone slows down. It is like a PC with an OS and software installed, and with use things starts to slow down. In such a situation, a reboot often helps to speed things up. Fast Reboot for Android helps you do just that. It simulates a reboot by closing or restarting all core and user processes and in the process, frees up the memory.

Fast Reboot App Features

Fast Reboot for Android speeds up your phone by freeing up memory through a reboot simulation. Simply tap on the app icon and the “reboot” fill be carried out. The app works with Android OS 1.6+. Install the free Fast Reboot Locale plugin to integrate the app with Locale / Tasker, if you want to perform a reboot when your battery drops below 30%, for example.

Try the Pro version ( which comes with the option to automatically perform fast reboots and lets you manually exclude apps!

DOES NOT ACTUALLY REBOOT YOUR PHONE, only the apps & processes. Does NOT require root.

Fast Reboot user reviews :

sick of having to hold down the power button for 7 million years (5 seconds) and emui doesn’t have a way to adjust the power button hold duration to reduce it to 3 seconds, so i tried this thinking i could simply just insta-restart. doesn’t work on my honor 8x, oh well.

I made a test opening all the apps I have and after it I hit the button but it does nothing… Doesn’t kill any apps, it just says that the reboot performed succesfully but the apps keep running. Also I have a ram monitor and after launching your app I kept looking for the monitor and the ram was the same as before. I gave 3 stars because I believe it works for most people but for me it didn’t do anything other than displaying a message. I’m using Android Oreo 8.1

It pretty much does what the company says it does, quickly and without problems. The power button on my Motorola Droid Turbo is frozen (after four years of use), so I can’t reboot normally. This enables me to work around the problem, and I hope I never really need to hard reboot.

My 5+ year old oneplus 2 was having lag issues. This app came to the rescue and all the lag was gone. Though this app needs to be run once in a while to improve the responsiveness of the phone. The app does what it says without breaking any functionality or closing of running app. Thanks

Unfortunately, this app doesn’t really function without root under Android Oreo 8.0 or later (probably not even on Nougat 7.0 unless special permissions are granted using ADB). Google added a lot of restrictions preventing apps from getting information on any processes but their own. As a result, it’s no longer possible to stop other apps this way – only the system software can do that. I’m afraid that Fast Reboot has outlived its usefulness.

Wow. Fingerprint wasn’t working so I wanted to restar my phone. After clicking on the app, it worked again. It seems to do the same job as reboot, but instantly. I don’t have root , but I did go to developer options and tapped on “Unlock bootloader”. I’m amazed.

Looks like it does not work on Android 8 (Oreo). Just says “Fast Reboot performed successfully”, but the location services icon is still in the status bar which means the process that uses it did not get killed (I used Fast Reboot successfully for this purpose on my previous phone with Android 7).

I always install this and a homescreen that shows my RAM usage. I see every time it works…except with Android Pie. I get a toast that its not compatible, and when i use it, nothing changes. So, it needs updated to work with Pie (9.0)

It just says “Fast Reboot performed successfully”, but I guess it does nothing like what the app screenshot with bunch of information. My phone(J5 Prime) is using Android 8.0(Oreo). And probably if you can fix this bug, it may be my daily use app if something goes wrong.

Was looking for restart option !! Mine is a 4 year old one plus 3…. Because My power button is conked off It did the work perfectly fine !!!! For a second I thought it dint do it’s work because it does it super fast ….. My apps are working better !!! Super thumbs up

Have used this app for over 6 months and it works fine but remember your phone is not actually re-booted just the apps this makes the phone just that bit faster its well worth trying as its free so no cost to you. there is a Pro version of the app if you want the extras its also worth a look at

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