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Notepad PremiumNotepad Premium is a very simple text editor, it generates files do not contain formatting information or styles. It’s particularly suitable for editing configuration files, scripts or source code, support search and replace. Opens the default files with the extension : txt, ace, mx, ada, ads, adb, asm, asp, au3, sh, bsh, bat, cmd, s, c, ml, mli, sml, thy , cmake, cbl, cbd, cdb, cdc, cob, h, hpp, hxx, cpp, cxx, cc, cs, css, d, diff, patch, f, forum, f90, f95, f2k, hs, lhs, las , html, htm, shtml, shtm, xhtml, ini, inf, reg url, iss, java, js, jsp, kix, lsp, lisp, lua, mak, m, nfo, nsi, nsh, no, Inc., pl , pm, plx, asp, php, php3, phtml, ps, ps1, properties, py, PYW, r, rc, rb, rbw, scm, smd, ss, st, sql, tcl, tex, vb, vbs, v , vhd, vhdl, xml, xsml, xsl, xsd, wsdl, mxml, yml.

Notepad Premium supports Multiple File, the TabBar control supports navigation among the sections of the application.

With the persistent mode, you can recover your project when the system closes the application.

Notepad Premium user reviews :

Used to work fine on the older, free version. Upgraded to premium and a few “bugfix” releases later, app crashes constantly. I’d be making an album playlist (.m3u, first made as a .txt) copying and pasting track names and it would crash after every 2nd or 3rd copy/paste. To make matters worse, I can’t even save because it’s internal file manager won’t get off the ext sdcard file tree. Add a language setting? New text document is monfichier.txt French? Banner ads at bottom back. FU Dev!

This application Unfortunately lacks the ability to access SD Cards. It would be really nice with that

Started off well, but crashes constantly

Really good for me, as I can edit my Minecraft server files on the go, when combining this app with a ftp app. Works fine, no bugs

Can’t save my scripts correctly because it duplicates words. To get the word I want I have to type it, then hit back five or six times to get it to stop, then it starts again.

Duplicate words and digits all the time. Otherwise a good app that handles different file types. Please fix the duplication thing.

On Samsung S3 Currently back spacing or cutting text in YML causes the word to duplicate

Just what I needed. There are a lot of notepad apps out there and this one of them. It stands apart by being able to work with tons of different file types.

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