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[App] ProCapture

ProCaptureProCapture adds advanced features to the Android camera experience.

Multiple advanced camera shooting modes are supported: Timer, Burst, Reduced Noise, Wide Shot and Panorama.


Simple UI with easy access to all camera features.
Panorama mode.
Wide Shot mode.
Reduced Noise mode.
Camera composition aids: grid and Fibonacci spiral.
Real-time on-screen histogram.
Configure volume buttons for zoom or photo capture.

Buy the full version “ProCapture” to get higher resolutions.
Some options cannot be changed if you use a Scene Mode other than “Auto”.
Available scene mode, color effect, flash, and white balance options depend on support from the device.
Touch-to-focus is only supported by Android 4.0+.
This camera app does not support video capture. Try our UltraCorder app for video capture at ultra high resolutions and using HEVC encoding.

ProCapture user reviews :

Seems like a decent camera. I like the “torch” option, as opposed to just flash on, flash off, auto. However I can’t configure it to save photos to my SD card (external storage). Unfortunately, that’s a deal-breaker for me, so I’ll have to look for another camera app.

Overall is great, only 1 make is not perfect, the storage for saving photo, cannot use external storage other than internal storage, “primary” and “secondary” is same storage. Cannot be change, must moving the file after capture

Obviously a moded open camera implementation , that being said it is more limited than open camera in terms of everything, and it wants me to pay for this lack of any features .

A couple of icons on screen have no apparent use, no help file available to help me (link is dead). Not much good at all sorry

it’s what i’ve been looking for. i just wished there is a mirror option for the results..

It’s might be slow some…. and it’s stop working some times… But it’s including alot of good stuff.

Over all good, the flash is kind of slow.

Overall performance of this particular app is quite good but I wonder how one can take selfies making use of this particular camera app please guide me how I can take selfies using this app

Nice app, but panorama mode too complicated .

Much more better than expected ,i recomend all of you to install this app if you have an average phone camera

This camera app is very good good quality photos good quality videos also I will recommend this one

it is great for uploading youtube videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is good but it can not zoom

Thank you for your very useful App that I am looking for.

This has potential, but I don’t know if they will improve. 1. Rear camera has a very good quality (I know about the free limited resolution), it takes good colors, and can take with not much noise. 2. Front camera is more limited, you cannot touch to focus (I’m in Oreo), the pictures come a little overexposed. 3. Switching cameras hard, there should be a button next to the shutter, instead of having to select the three dots and then switch camera.

See The Camera Has Many Best Features But The Quality Of The Camera Apk Is Set To 3.2 mp in My Honor 6x Plz Improve thst To 12 Mp

Nice app, but missing lock of photo orientation – landscape/portrait. Please add this function – somewhere to main screen with some new upgrade.

This is a great camera. It takes a bit to figure out but after that it’s easy. It has zoom, 16.9 aspect ratio on back and front camera and it even has a panorama function where it will stitch pictures together. Best of all permanent preview of pic taken.

This does vertical panoramas, too! Finally, an app that can partly replace the old Google Camera’s panoramas. I’m buying the paid version. Show the devs some love and buy it, too.

I tried a dozen or even more. One more annoying than the other. But This app? Fantastic. No fuzz, no pitch, but it delivers, the best! Where can I donate? Can only recommend it!

The most clear pictures delivering app. Would be great to have more features.

Well… its very easy and wide angle photos are good

I like this app it’s very good

The great app i can take many pictures but no selfie function…..

Contact developer :


App was Removed from Play Store

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