Talking Pierre – Makes up his own sentences

[App] Talking Pierre the Parrot

Talking Pierre Talking Pierre is in the house!

Are you ready for some amazing guitar shredding? Pierre now rocks Smoke on the Water, help him bend the strings!

Download Talking Pierre’s FREE and FUN app and enjoy yourself! He repeats, makes up his own sentences and more!

The genuine bonafide talking parrot has many tricks up his sleeve and he’s ready to have all the fun in the world with you! He repeats after you and makes up new sentences, he rocks it out like a true guitar hero and he dodges those tomatoes like a pro!

Enhance the fun by getting the FULL Talking Pierre app which is filled with new animations and responses!

Talk to Pierre: He repeats and invents his own sentences!
Play with Pierre: Try hitting him with a tomato, listen to him rock out on his guitar and have him throw cutlery at you!
Interact with Pierre: Rub his belly, poke him or have him jump the way you want him to!

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Talking Pierre user reviews :

Hilarious but they need to scream for new updates I’m not kidding. It’s pretty boring when they don’t add these special affects and updates.

I do not like this ge reason 1 it needs to have more stuff 2 reason it is so annoying now stopmake games like this that’s it

Its fun ads are not poping for me it is a fun game pls insall it!!!

I give this game a Decent 3 out of 5 Why? Reason 1: It’s annoying when I record it and just see things that I didn’t do. Reason 2: Need more stuff to do and make the More animations free please and Have Mini Games like Talking Tom Friends. And A few other reasons. Decent game, A Decent In The Middle, 3 out of 5.

I used to love the game back in 2014 but now it is kinda scary. You said you fixed a bug but no! There is a glitch were even tho pierre says a sentence right, Tom randomly appears but instead of correcting him, he just leaves. And when I logged in the game after 7 years, while I was putting a fake birthdate, pierre started talking on his own in the background. I freaked out so bad, please fix these! And I will give you five stars!

This game is horrible!!!!. first of all the sink thing costs money so it is very boring and also it only throws a cup , a spoon , an eaten apple and if you want to throw more stuff still you have to pay money. And it is very scary too. If I say something and when it repeat’s it say’s the same thing multiple times. It repeat’s some kinda weird sounds so that is the most scariest point of the game. and tom doesn’t even come and say no no no no if it makes lots of noise. don’t install this game

It’s okay but we can do 6 things in total and we have to pay for alot of things and we need to pay to do a seventh thing. There aren’t many stuff to do so it gets really boring. All you can do is talk and it talks back, and throw tomatoes at it and put the blender on, which doesn’t do anything, and hit it and pet it, and yeah. It gets very boring, there’s not much stuff to do, because there’s only 6, and there’s alot of paying, and plus we need to pay to get a seventh thing to do. 2 stars

This is hilarious I love it so much I kinda miss games like this

I haven’t played this game very much, but, it’s fun to play because if the fun stuff that you can do on it, I love how the parrot in this dances and sounds almost like a real parrot, also, some of his dances I think are funny too! But, I am still giving this a 4 star rating because I don’t know why talking Tom always comes in his house and tells him not to say certain words? But, does anyone else know why this is happening?

sooooooooo funny and verrry nice game and the pierre so cute

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