Applaydu and Friends – Let your teens discover a unique urban racing style

[Game] Applaydu and Friends

Applaydu and FriendsPrepare to dive into the epic universe of Funko StreetStyle!

Get ready to dash on your bike, speed up your hoverboard and run your basketball to the finish line in style! With 8 fresh characters from Funko StreetStyle, teens can become a scooter rider, a skateboarder, a surfer or even a snowboarder.

Let your teens discover a unique urban racing style: dodge obstacles, dash past friends, and get ranked on the leaderboard in 3 of the season’s exciting maps — the concrete jungle of Turn Terror, the slippery slopes of Rumble Down and the thrilling Skateboarding Haven! Extra AR filters, animations, effects and voice changers are now available to embody the StreetStyle heroes.

Tons of fresh Funko chat stickers are added to elevate your kid’s fun with friends. It’s time for your teens to shine with Funko StreetStyle!

Applaydu & Friends by Kinder is a safe multiplayer playground dedicated to kids aged 8+. A playing and lifestyle experience from Kinder, where your kids can play, create their own video content, and challenge and connect safely with other players via secured chat mode. Teens will be able to unlock various licensed characters and extend the Kinder Joy playing experience into the digital world by bringing their heroes to life with party royale obstacle runs and animated emojis.

Play together with friends

This season, discover 3 additional maps from the Funko universe.
Applaydu & Friends is a Kinder game that allows kids to play in multiplayer party royale and run obstacle races with up to 12 players. Your kids run, dash, fall and race, challenge other players and get ranked on the leaderboard. Let them explore and run different party royale races with many obstacles, boost gates and trap boxes.

Connect safely with other players

This season, connect with friends with a fresh and safe chat mode. Teens can interact with ready-to-use phrases and a large collection of stickers with the Funko StreetStyle theme for any chatting situations. In addition, your kids can play with their friends, other rivals or challenge their family. When they dash and run in a party royale obstacle race, kids can even share their emotions with emoticons and connect with their co-players in a safe environment. After each run, kids can see their success and get ranked on the leaderboard chart.

Create experiences and express yourself

This season, kids will enjoy extra customization features with Funko StreetStyle to customize their own experience. Also, teenagers can create their own avatar: 17 different 3D avatars with various styles are ready to get mixed and matched. Kids can also change their avatars’ hair, eyes and outfits to create their very own style. The app offers more options to express their creativity: With the animated emoji video feature, your kids can become their heroes. Let them record creative videos by adding different effects, filters, backgrounds and predefined voice modifiers to create fun content to share with their friends.

A safe gaming experience for tweens and teens

Applaydu & Friends from Kinder is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program: It’s a safe platform that is 100% kids-friendly and a creative universe without in-app purchases or ads. It’s dedicated to kids and a platform that protects kids’ identities with anonymous profiles and predefined names. They play in a safe private environment, as it is not connected to any social platform. Even in public mode, the safe community grants privacy.

Applaydu & Friends by Kinder is a lifestyle multiplayer game designed for kids aged 8+. It is playable offline, with no ads, has no in-app purchases, and supports 11 languages.

Applaydu & Friends, an Official Kinder App, is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program (

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Applaydu and Friends user reviews :

Cool game it’s like stumble guys, I love it! And I have a few funko pops alredy

  • Hello, thank you for your review. It’s really motivating for us!

Interesting and fanny and easy game. Very nice game thank you for creating it.

  • Hello Stefana! Many thanks for your sweet words! It always makes us happy to hear this!

The loading screen takes so much time!!!!!!So could you please fix the loading screen

  • Hello! Sometimes, devices may be stuck in an unstable state and freeze. Usually, you can first try restarting your device, and check to make sure you’re using the latest software for your phone. If this doesn’t fix the issue, you can always uninstall and re-download the game from the store. Keep us posted if this solves your issue. Thanks!

Awwwwwwwsome!! The normal game is awwsome! To.

  • We’re really glad to hear that you’re happy!  Best wishes and enjoy our magical adventure! Hugs!

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