Applaydu family games – Discover the world through two unique activities

Applaydu family games

Applaydu family games Applaydu is back in 2022 with a full range of updated features, extra characters, more stories and additional worlds to help improve the experience for kids, while stimulating their creativity and keeping them safe during play.

Your kids will discover the world through two unique activities: Natoons will introduce them to animals and wildlife, while Space Mission will let them explore space and planets! Applaydu contains plenty of mini-games, including some with multiplayer mode, plus tons of characters from many licenses to meet and play with for countless possible stories!

Applaydu: A Children’s Adventure for the Whole Family

Enter the world of Applaydu, a stimulating experience designed for kids aged 4 to 9 that accompanies children’s growth through family activities. They can enjoy everything from virtual arts and crafts to games about numbers, animals and vocabulary — many of which support multiplayer! You can find bedtime stories to share as a family through Storybooks that add magic, surprise, and joy. Bring your child’s heroes to life with AR for an enhanced Kinder experience. It’s 100% kid-safe, playable offline, ad-free, has no in-app purchases, and supports over 18 languages.

Experience the World and Beyond with Natoons and Space Mission

Watch your children become explorers as they travel the world to meet their favorite animals with the enriched Natoons experience! They’ll interact with animals in their habitats, hear animal sounds, and discover their behaviors. Capture unique moments from your child’s activities and cherish them forever in the Natoons encyclopedia of animals.
Jump aboard your children’s first space expedition with the Space Mission experience! They’ll enter their spaceship and travel through space to explore the Moon and planets. As they gather every discovery from their mission into story reports, the secrets of the planets will be revealed!

Experience Augmented Reality with the Family

Use the 3D scan to bring your child’s heroes to life in AR! When your children speak, their characters will repeat their words with different voices while being surrounded by AR environments. They can also virtually feed their characters and guess which foods their characters like the most.
An extended AR mask collection offers more frames and stickers so your children can embody their heroes and create AR stories to share with the family!

Kid Games and Activities

Applaydu stimulates the creativity of children and enhances different areas of development by covering various topics that are appropriate for kids, such as numbers, colors, vocabulary, geography, and the planets. There are many gameplay types, such as racing, dressing up with princesses, going on animal adventures with Natoons, and even multiplayer mini-games that provide the perfect challenge for kids aged 4 to 9!
Season 3 brings an extra set of activities! Let your children discover over 30 English vocabulary words with the vocabulary game Word Explorer, and go on a mission to travel to six countries with the Travel Around the World experience.

Parental Controls for a 100% Kid-Friendly Experience

Supervise your child’s experience through a dedicated parental section that keeps track of their progress. Create multiple profiles for your kids and get recommended activities for each through progress reports. With Season 3, you can even keep an eye on your children’s playtime by setting a screen-time limit.

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Applaydu family games user reviews :

It could be amazing but it’s so complicated and difficult to understand on n mobile phone I as an adult is completely confused let alone a child. You’re thrown so many options and features half the time you keep figuring out what to do and how to do

  • Hello! Sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with our app/update.  If you can give us more details about your complaint, we will gladly forward them to the team so they can keep them in mind and improve our game. Greatly appreciated!

Think I got the wrong character whole scanning. I tried scanning my pull apart ankylosaurus skeleton you since I lost the QR code and it gave me the velociraptor instead. I wouldn’t care to keep both on the app, but I’m saddened that I will now have to purchase the velociraptor in order to enjoy him in real life and to unlock him again on the app. Are we able to scan the same toy twice if we haven’t unlocked it yet?

  • Hi, apologies for this inconvenience.  If you have any trouble with the app, please write us at and include details such as which device model and firmware you are using and the QR codes you’re trying to scan. We’ll do our best to help you.  Thanks a lot!

I love this game but I’ve just ran into a problem transferring data from my iPhone 8 plus (which the app works perfect on). When receiving the data on my new Samsung tab A8 the transfer was successful but the screen went blue and won’t work on the tablet, the only way to get the blue screen to go away is to uninstall and redownload but still the same problem again. Please fix this issue, me and my daughter love scanning the codes and have collected 19 so far and enjoying it!

  • Hello! Thank you for reporting this to us! Could you please send your device model and firmware, a screenshot of the problem, and where exactly you encountered it in the game to We will forward the issue to the team so they can investigate it and find a solution. Best regards!

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