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[Game] Archmage

ArchmageArchmage is fantasy turn-based card game inspired by original Arcomage.

more than 200+ cards to play
good AI (Artificial Intelligence)
multi-player mode available
build your own decks

It is powerful reincarnation of the old game well known as Acromage.

Game requires touch screen.
Move the card UP to play. Move the card DOWN to discard it.

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Archmage user reviews :

It was fun, but I feel like the CPU gets all the good special cards that he needs and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t win. So yeah nah. Edit: so you call me a liar? I wish I made screenshot, but I played 10 times this level and got all the same cards, while CPU got “holy grail” in every game (together with the other “non-existent” special cards)

  • Hello Player. I’s so far from true. You can build you own deck. CPU don’t have any “special” rules and play by simple weight algorithm. But thank you for trying.

I have a great fondness for the Arcromage games in Might and Magic 7 & 8, and this seems to be a good implementation of that. I do have problems when playing cards that lets you draw then discard. The game completely stops after that, it seems I cannot select a card for discarding. (Maybe I just don’t know how to do that) Update I figured out how, seems that the way to discard is to draw the cards down instead of up.

  • Hi. Thanks for playing Archmage game. After play card – discard for another you should just move card down to apply discard.

Cards that I remove from my deck (such as the “play again” cards I vehemently dislike) still appear in the AI’s deck (there is nothing as infuriating as seeing a chain of “play again” cards played while the AI is allowed to refill its hand). This suggests that I and the AI are playing with different card decks entirely and makes the mini-game of choosing cards pointless. Pretty but ultimately useless if the two decks don’t play by the same rules.

  • Thanks for your review. AI’s decks is different from player deck. To change AI’s deck for “Battle” just click on AI’s portrait. Deck for AI in campaign are predefined and can;t be changed

I played this 2 years ago ..not much cards then ,now there is more …and a change in style .its good but have to pay for upgrade Castles ..although the mininmun 70 cards is not the best as we usually get the best cards halfway and the enemy is killing us before that …should change it to 60 . Should have like mortal kombat tourament style would be great , where the winner fights with a wizard king or Great mage .

Great idea. Thank you for the port over from M&M VII. Unfortunately it has some major flaws. While it’s fun to build a deck. The jump between opponents is vast and by disabling ‘grinding’ it out with weaker opponents your forced to spend money to keep up as they have the better cards. Even when I purchased coins I didn’t get them. When I emailed the developer there was no response. I will wait a few days to see if they respond here before contacting Goggle to ask for the coin and game price refund. Too bad… if it worked right and was a balanced game system I would like to give it 5 stars.

Starting at level 3-4 AI suddenly gets 2-3x more ‘boost resources’ cards. AI has, say, 4-5-4 when I get barely 2-3-1. Every game. I never lost a game on levels 1-3, but lost like 40 games in a row on level 4. Very bad balance programming, please fix.

Great game, I liked old graphics more, but I understand that there there could be some legal issues and I am getting used to it. The only 2 problems (and maybe related) are crashes during startup folowed by reseting settings (at least card selection).

Not worth your time. Although the idea is great (it’s inspired by a classic after all) the actual product is below average. It keeps crashing for me at random. Quite unplayable in this state

Used to play it quite a lot on my previous phone (and in M&M before… ah, those were the days) Sadly it’s pretty hard to play it on my current phone – my hand cards cover my beasts counter and I can’t see it at all. Screen resolution is 2340×1080. Also miss the original old art.

  • Thanks for the review. Old art removed due intellectual property complains. Regarding beasts counter – fill check and fix ASAP.

Sometimes I struggle with very particular unfairness of the computer, but otherwise I am ever addicted to this game – played it for years, and I really love the redrawn and freshened up look!

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